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Animal Life

Penguins are many peoples favourite animal

Which animals do you find the most interesting to observe/study and why?

Not being on the scientific staff I don't actually study the animals. Plenty of folks down here are support staff performing a vital role keeping the whole operation going. The wildlife is great to watch. In summer you can often see whales swimming offshore, the seals are interesting and seem to take no notice of us. However my favourites must be the penguins; they are just so funny. Often I think they must be the world's most confused bird. They waddle around and are curious, sometimes mistaking humans for large penguins. As they moult, their patchy feathers look so odd. As a group their behaviour is most amusing. One will often drift away and the whole gang will assume they are missing something and follow them. The other penguin's patch of snow is always a better shade of white, so they often argue. I like sitting and watching them for hours.