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Information for Teachers and Students

Year 3 Hillside First School

British Antarctic Survey has lots of information for Primary and Secondary teachers and students to download. The links on the left answer many frequently asked questions and explain details of life in Antarctica and what British Antarctic Survey does down there.

Some of the basics are addressed in a transcript from a web chat involving five BAS staff and students from three Primary schools.

Questions from Secondary school children have also been answered and explain about the hazards of life in the Antarctic, as well and living and working there and also the local wildlife.

There are sections covering British Research in Antarctica, which focus on topical issues such as the ozone hole and continental drift as well as an Antarctic fact-file and other informative sections.

A section of School Reports have been written by one of our Field Assistants at Rothera Research Station, and give a real insight into what it's like to spend over a year thousands of miles away in the frozen south.

We are always keen to provide helpful and interesting information for teachers and students, so if there are any questions you woud like answered please email