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Discovering Antarctica

Discovering Antarctica - Discovering Antarctica


Discovering Antarctica is a BAFTA and Webby Award nominated resource aimed primarily at KS3/4 but full of content for other ages. It is a free website that links directly with the national science and geography curriculum. It has been produced by the British Antarctic Survey, Royal Geographical Society and Foreign and Commonwealth Office Polar Regions Department and is packed full of interactives, downloads, images, video, lesson-based activities, worksheets and teachers notes. It introduces the Earth's polar regions and the science and wildlife of Antarctica, its history, natural resources, tourism, political management and its incredible awe and wonder. The website can be used in class or by students for research and homework. It is the most up-to-date, in-depth and interactive teaching and learning resource on Antarctica available anywhere.

The website is broken down into a number of easy-to-use sections:


Imagining Antarctica
An introduction to the sights and sounds of Antarcica and the chance to put video and audio together to make a film trailer.

What, where, why?
Antarctica's geography - where it is, what it's like and how it came to be.

A changing climate
Shifting ice and rising seas - the climate of the past and a look at the future

Beneath the waves
The Antarctic foodweb and the mystery disappearing krill.

Journey south
A look at the historic age of discovery and what to wear if you're going south.

Living there today
What it's like to live and work on the frozen continent and a chance to design your own research station.

Destination Antarctica
Antarctic tourism - its impact and future.

Under pressure
Antarctica is a treasure trove of natural resources - what would you do, exploit it or protect it?

The Antarctic Treaty
A look at the politics of Antarctica and its unique governing Treaty.

What future?
Shoudl the world's last reat wilderness remain a haven for peace and science?

Pole to pole
Discover the differences between the north and south and apply to be an International Polar Year scientist

Collect data
Discover what it means to be an Antarctic scientist and collect real data accompanied by a BAS guide. What does your data mean for the environment?

Understanding Antarctica
Understand how past discoveries in Antarctica can be the basis for modern understanding, how the past is the key to the present, as well as exploring modern science and development of understanding in Antarctica

A-level section
A comprehensive new section aimed at A-level students covering key areas of the science and geography curriculum.

There is also a comprehensive list of downloadble material and a dedicated teachers' area that includes links to the National Curriculum and learning objectives for each activity.