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Staff Profiles Listing

Please note that this list only includes people who have selected to have their names show up on a public list. If you need to find someone in specific please use the search form.

  Name Position Email
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  Abrahamsen, Povl (Dr) Observational Oceanographer Email
  Ager, Beverley (Miss) Assistant Information Officer Email
  Aldridge, Christopher (Mr) Ops Group Support Team Manager Email
  Allen, Claire (Dr) Palaeoceanographer Email
  Amner, Stephen (Mr) Senior Electrical Engineer Email
  Anderson, Lester (Mr) Student PhD Algorithm Email
  Anker, Paul (Mr) Drilling Engineer/Marine Tech Email
  Appleby, Graham (Dr) Visitor Email
  Armitage, Emma (Miss) Airworthiness Administrator Email
  Armitage, Jeremy (Mr) Head of ICT Email
  Arnold, Rodney (Mr) Head of Air Unit Email
  Arthern, Robert (Dr) Icesheet Modelling Email
  Ashton, Gail (Dr) NERC \ Email
  Ashurst, Daniel (Mr) Mechanical Engineer Email
  Auld, Victoria (Capt) Line Pilot Email
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  Bailey, David (Mr) Catering Officer Email
  Bannister, Daniel (Mr) Regional Climate Modeller Email
  Barnes, David (Dr) Data Interpretation Ecologist Email
  Barnes, Timothy (Mr) Data Manager Email
  Bates, Katy (Mrs) Assistant HR Officer Email
  Bazeley-White, Ellen (Miss) Scientific Data Manager Email
  Beasley, Mark (Capt) Line Pilot / Training Captain Email
  Behrmann, Gert (Mr) Second Engineer Email
  Belchier, Mark (Dr) Science Manager, South Georgia Email
  Bell, Shaun (Mr) Seaman Grade Band 1 (EDH) Email
  Benedet, Ramon (Mr) Student Paid Email
  Benton, Ailsa (Dr) Ice Core Analytical Scientist Email
  Biddle, Louise (Ms) PHD Student Email
  Biersma, Elisabeth (Ms) PhD Student Email
  Binney, Andrew (Mr) Mechanical Services Engineer Email
  Black, Martin (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Blagbrough, Hilary (Mrs) Geological Technician Email
  Block, William (Prof) E Fellow Email
  Boland, Emma (Dr) Physical Oceanographer Email
  Bolton, Joseph (Mr) Mechanical Services Technician Email
  Bond, Timothy (Dr) Visitor Email
  Bonsu, Samuel Kwaku (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Bowden, Philippa (Miss) Second Officer Email
  Bowen, Albert (Mr) Bosun Email
  Bowen, Nathan (Mr) ETO Email
  Bowland, Jane (Mrs) Cambridge Facilities Manager Email
  Bowland, Jonathan (Capt) Line Pilot Email
  Bowman, Vanessa (Dr) Post Doctoral Researcher Email
  Bracegirdle, Thomas (Dr) Climatologist Email
  Bradley, Adam (Mr) Feasibility Study Email
  Brearley, Alexander (Dr) Independent Research Fellow Email
  Breen, Paul (Mr) Data Manager Email
  Bremner, Luke (Mr) OPAL Team Assistant (Clothing & Stores) Email
  Bremner, Steven (Mr) Head of Technology and Engineeri Email
  Brian, Michael (Mr) Station Leader Email
  Brisbourne, Alex (Dr) Glacier Geophysicist Email
  Brough, Neil (Dr) Atmospheric Chemist Email
  Brown, Jennifer () \ Email
  Brown, Michael (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Brown, Patrick () Commercial Advisor Email
  Bruss, Sara Ann (Mrs) Assistant Management Accountant Email
  Buckland, Katy (Miss) Scientific Data Co\ Email
  Bucktrout, Pete (Mr) Photographic Unit Manager Email
  Bullock, Richard (Dr) Radar Systems Engineer Email
  Burgan, Michael (Capt) Master Email
  Burt, David (Mr) Office Assistant Email
  Burton-Johnson, Alex (Dr) Field Geologist Email
  Bush, Lucy (Miss) AME Administration Assistant Email
  Butt, Iftkhar (Mr) Assistant Management Accountant Email
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  Canham, Stephen (Mr) Senior Building Surveyor Email
  Capper, Linda (Mrs) Head of Communications Email
  Capron, Emilie (Dr) Palaeoclimatologist (Ice Cores) Email
  Carp, Octavian (Mr) Electronic Tech / Meteorologis Email
  Cavanagh, Rachel (Dr) Circumpolar Analyst Email
  Chan, Hoi Ga (Miss) PHD Student Email
  Chapman, Graham (Capt) Master Email
  Chapman, Sarah (Miss) Scientific Data Manager Email
  Chatzela, Christina (Miss) \ Email
  Chisham, Gareth (Dr) Space Weather Researcher Email
  Chisnall, Rebecca (Miss) AO Operations Email
  Christopher, Michael (Mr) ETO Email
  Clark, Melody (Dr) Genetics Leader Email
  Clark, Sarah (Miss) Experienced Chef Email
  Clark, William (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Clarke, Andrew (Prof) E Fellow Email
  Clarke, Lucy (Dr) Visiting Scientist Email
  Clarke, Rachel (Miss) Senior Environmental Manager Email
  Clay, Thomas (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Clements, Thomas (Mr) Mechanical Services Technician Email
  Cliff, Mick (Mr) Stores Manager Email
  Clilverd, Mark (Dr) Atmospheric Physicist Email
  Cnossen, Ingrid (Dr) NERC Fellowship Email
  Cobbett, Neil (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Cockram, Colin (Mr) Second Cook Email
  Collings, Sarah (Miss) DTG Student Email
  Collins, Raymond (Mr) Chief Cook Email
  Colwell, Steve (Mr) Data Analysis Email
  Connor, Dave (Mr) Information Services Developer Email
  Convey, Peter (Prof) Terrestrial Ecologist Email
  Cook, Gavin (Mr) Sustainability and Services Engineer Email
  Cooke, Sharon (Prof) Visitor Email
  Corner, Joseph (Mr) Project Manager Email
  Corr, Hugh (Mr) Aerogeophysicist radar Email
  Cousens, Paul (Mr) Facilities Engineer Email
  Couttet, Margaux (Miss) Visitor \ Email
  Covey, Russell (Mr) Second Steward Email
  Cox, Nicholas (Mr) Project Leader (Arctic) Email
  Crame, J. (Dr) Science Leader Email
  Croft, Steven (Mr) Electrical Power Generation Technician Email
  Cross, Emma (Ms) PhD Student Email
  Cziferszky, Andreas (Mr) Geospatial Systems Architect Email
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  Dale, George (Mr) Bosun's Mate Email
  Darvill, Christopher (Mr) Assistant Sedimentologist Email
  De Rydt, Jan (Dr) Ice Modeller Email
  Deb, Pranab (Dr) West Antarctic Climate Modeller Email
  Delf, Richard (Mr) PHD Student Email
  Delph, Georgina (Miss) 3rd Officer Email
  Dickens, William () PhD Student Email
  Dinar, Athena (Mrs) Press and Information Officer Email
  Dinn, Michael (Mr) Operations Manager Email
  Dodson, Roy (Mr) IT Technician Email
  Donaldson, Christopher (Mr) Second Engineer Email
  Downie, Ian (Mr) Third Engineer Email
  Driver-Breen, Ruth (Ms) EU Polar Net Administrator Email
  Drysdale, Anthony (Mr) \ Email
  Dunn, Michael (Mr) Higher Predator Ecologist Email
  Dyer, Martin (Mr) Launchman Email
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  Eadie, Steven (Mr) Fourth Engineer Email
  Eager, John (Mr) Stations Operations Manager Email
  Eaton, Finn (Mr) DTG Student Email
  Edmonston, Johnnie () IT Support Engineer Email
  Ellis, Karen (Miss) Personal Assistant Email
  Elvidge, Caroline (Miss) Science Support Assistant Email
  Enderlein, Peter (Dr) Marine Ecosystems Support Email
  England, Andrew (Mr) UNIX/LINUX Engineer Email
  English, Samuel (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Evans, Simon (Mr) Chief Officer Email
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  Fear, Julia (Miss) Ops Group Support Team Manager Email
  Fennell, Felix (Mr) Web Systems Developer Email
  Fernando, Benjamin (Mr) Email
  Ferraccioli, Fausto (Dr) Aerogroup Magnetics Email
  Fielding, Sophie (Dr) Zooplankton Ecologist Email
  Finch, Alexander (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Fitzcharles, Elaine (Dr) ANGEL Lab Manager Email
  Fleming, Andrew (Mr) Remote Sensing Data Co ord Email
  Flynn, Karl (Mr) Plant Technician Email
  Foot, George (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Foot, George (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Forcada, Jaume (Dr) Marine Mammal Leader Email
  Ford, Elaina (Dr) Ice2sea Programme Manager Email
  Foster, Robin (Mr) NERC Research Experience Placement Email
  Fothergill, Clare (Ms) Environmental Manager Email
  Fowler, Karen (Miss) Communication Systems Manager Email
  Fox, Adrian (Dr) Head of Mapping Email
  Fox, Nina (Mrs) PT CACHE ITN Project Administrator Email
  Francis, Jane (Prof) Director Email
  Fraser, Grant (Mr) PO(Deck) Email
  Freeman, Mervyn (Dr) Senior Space Weather Researcher Email
  French, Neil (Mr) Marine Technology Engineer Email
  Fretwell, Peter (Mr) Geographic Information Officer Email
  Frey, Markus (Dr) Atmospheric Chemist Email
  Fynn, Julien (Mr) Trainee Accountant Email
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  Ganczakowski, Peter (Mr) Head of HR Email
  Ganiford, David (Mr) Systems Manager AMOS Email
  Gardner, Jessie (Ms) PhD Student Email
  Garrad, Nicholas (Mr) OPAL Support Team Assistant P/T Email
  Garrod, Simon (Mr) Deputy Operations Manager Email
  Geissler, Paul (Mr) CEF and Bonner Lab Manager Email
  Gerrard, Isabelle (Ms) Experienced Chef Email
  Giancola, Mariella (Mrs) HR Business Partner Email
  Gibson, James (Mr) Catering Officer Email
  Gillett, Nicholas (Mr) Field Assistant Email
  Glauert, Sarah (Dr) Radiation Belt Modeller Email
  Gloistein, Michael (Mr) Radio Officer Email
  Goodall-Copestake, Will (Dr) Population Geneticist Email
  Goodearl, Penny (Mrs) Science Resource Administrator Email
  Goodger, David (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Gordon, Catherine (Ms) Management Accountant \ Email
  Gosling, Katie (Mrs) PT Programme Assistant for ICE ARC Email
  Goswami, Sudipta (Dr) Ocean & Climate Model Manager Email
  Gowland, Elanor (Miss) Data Manager Email
  Grant, Rosey (Dr) Support Meteorologist Email
  Grant, Emily (Miss) HR Officer Recruit and Select Email
  Grant, Susie (Dr) Marine Biogeographer Email
  Gray, Andrew (Mr) Library Services Manager (NLS) Email
  Greenwood, Nicholas (Mr) 2Ste Email
  Gregory, Nicholas (Mr) Vehicles Co\ Email
  Gregory, Susan (Ms) Research Technician (Fisheries) Email
  Griffin, Tom (Mr) Carpenter Email
  Griffiths, Huw (Dr) Marine Biogeographer Email
  Gudmundsson, Hilmar (Dr) Work Package Manager Email
  Guihen, Damien (Dr) Biological Oceanographer Email
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  Hale, Daniel (Mr) AB Email
  Hall, John (Mr) Head of Operations Group Email
  Hamilton-Morris, Victoria (Mrs) Sea Ice Geophysicist Email
  Hammond, Mark (Mr) REP/UROP Summer Undergraduate Email
  Hardy, Aleksandr (Mr) Third Engineer Email
  Harper, John (Capt) Master Email
  Harrigan, David (Mr) Steward Email
  Harris, Carrie-Anne (Miss) Fourth Engineer Email
  Harris, Mark (Mr) Electrical Services Technician Email
  Henry, Glyndor (Mr) Motorman Email
  Henry, Sally (Mrs) Assistant HR Officer Email
  Herbert, David (Mr) GIS Database Officer Email
  Herbert, Ian (Mr) Motorman Email
  Hernandez Pastene, Francisco Javier (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Hill, Simeon (Dr) Fisheries Modeller Leader/WPM Email
  Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter (Dr) Sedimentologist Email
  Hillyard, Guy (Mr) Genomic Technician Email
  Hindley, Chris (Mr) Ships programme and Ops Manager Email
  Hindmarsh, Richard (Dr) Work Package Manager Email
  Hipsey, Christopher (Mr) NERC \ Email
  Hodges, Adam (Mr) Information Security Manager Email
  Hodgson, Dominic (Prof) Senior Sediment Scientist Email
  Hogan, Kelly (Dr) Marine Geophysicist Email
  Hogg, Oliver (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Holland, Paul (Dr) Ocean Modeller Email
  Holloway, Max (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Holroyd, Stuart (Mr) Winter Communications Manager Email
  Hooper, Matthew (Mr) Maintenance Technician Email
  Hopkins, Ieuan (Mr) Archives Manager Email
  Horne, Richard (Prof) Work Package Leader Email
  Horswill, Catharine (Ms) Student PhD Algorithm Email
  Hosking, Scott (Dr) Global Climate Modeller Email
  Howland, Alan (Capt) Line Pilot Email
  Hudson, Neil (Mr) Third Engineer Email
  Hughes, Kevin (Dr) Environ. Research and Monitoring Email
  Hunt, David (Mr) Station Leader Email
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  Ingham, Dave (Mr) Head of Antarctic Building and Services Email
  Ireland, Louise (Miss) Geomatics Specialist Email
J   Back to top  
  Jackson, Jennifer (Dr) Molecular Phylogeneticist Email
  Jackson, Timothy (Mr) Facilities Engineer Email
  Jeffries, Andrew (Mr) Senior Project Manager Email
  Jenkins, Adrian (Dr) Science Programme Coordinator Email
  Johnson, James (Mr) Instrument Operator / Data Coordinator Email
  Johnson, Joanne (Dr) Paleao Icesheets Age Dating Email
  Johnston, Greg () 3rd Officer Email
  Johnston, Nadine (Dr) Ecosystems Scientist Email
  Jones, Anna (Dr) Senior Tropospheric Chemist Email
  Jones, Dan (Dr) Physical Oceanographer (Modelling) Email
  Jones, David (Dr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Jones, Lee (Mr) 2Ste Email
  Jordan, James (Mr) Ocean/Ice Modeller Email
  Jordan, Tom (Dr) Aerogroup Gravity Email
  Joseph, Carl (Mr) Pilot for NERC ARSF Email
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  Karczewska, Ewa (Miss) NERC \ Email
  Kavanagh, Andrew (Dr) Middle Atmosphere Vertical Coupling Analyst Email
  Kelly, Deirdre (Ms) GIS Applications Specialist Email
  Kersten, Tobias (Mr) Research Assistant Email
  Khan, Muhammad (Mr) Fourth Engineer Email
  Kimura, Satoshi (Dr) Ocean/Ice Modeller Email
  King, Edward (Dr) SPC Ice Sheets Email
  King, John (Dr) Science Leader Email
  King, Michelle (Miss) Molecular Technician Email
  King, Stephen (Capt) Line Pilot Email
  Kingslake, Jonathan (Dr) Glaciologist/Geophysicist Email
  Kirchgaessner, Amelie (Dr) Atmospheric Scientist Email
  Kirsch, Peter (Mr) Data Manager Email
  Kjellsson, Joakim (Dr) \ Email
  Klepacki, Julian (Mr) Senior Electrical Officer Email
  Knowland, Cheryl (Dr) ICED Analytical Ecologist Email
  Koehler, Marcus (Dr) Visiting Researcher Email
  Krzysztofowicz, Michal (Mr) Data Manager Email
  Kubulins, Andris (Mr) Second Engineer Email
  Kucia, Alan (Mr) Records Manager Email
  Kyrke-Smith, Teresa (Dr) Glacier Change Modeller Email
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  Lachlan-Cope, Thomas (Dr) Work Package Leader Email
  Ladkin, Russell (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Larter, Robert (Dr) Work Package Manager Email
  Laughlan, Marc (Mr) Third Engineer Email
  Leat, Philip (Dr) E Fellow Email
  Lee, Derek (Mr) Steward Email
  Lee, Geoffrey (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Leithgoe, Hana (Miss) Operations and Logistic Admin Assistant Email
  Leland, Julie (Mrs) PA to the Director Email
  Lens, Pete (Mr) Head of PC Systems Email
  Lett, Celine (Ms) Antarctic Atmospheric Scientist Email
  Linse, Katrin (Dr) Molluscan Phylogeneticist Email
  Listowski, Constantino (Dr) Cloud Physicist/Modeller Email
  Liszka, Cecilia (Ms) PhD Student Email
  Littlehales, Noel (Mr) PO (D)/CPO(D) temp Email
  Llewellyn, Gary (Dr) Science / Operations Coordinator Email
  Lloyd, Gareth (Mr) Chief Engineer Email
  Lu, Hua (Dr) Atmospheric Scientist: Stratosphere/Troposphere Coupling Email
  Ludlow, Emily (Miss) Laboratory Assistant Ice Cores Email
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  Macans, Arnis (Mr) Second Steward Email
  MacDonald, Neil (Mr) Chief Engineer Email
  Mackenzie, Hayley (Mrs) Contracts & Licensing Manager Email
  Mackenzie, Iain (Mr) Second Officer Email
  Makinson, Keith (Dr) Oceanographer Email
  Mannion, Christopher (Mr) Third Engineer Email
  Manno, Clara (Dr) Pelagic Marine Ecologist Email
  Marshall, Gareth (Dr) SPC Climate Email
  Marshall, Steven (Mr) Health and Safety Adviser Email
  Martin, Carlos (Dr) Ice Stream Modelling Email
  Martin, Heather (Mrs) Communications and Knowledge Coordinator Email
  Martin-Sanchez, Oliva (Miss) GIS & Mapping Specialist Email
  Martos Martin, Yasmina (Dr) Marie Curie Fellow Email
  Maslen, Rolf (Dr) Visitor Email
  Massam, Ashleigh (Miss) PhD Student Algorithm Email
  Mathiot, Pierre (Dr) Ocean/Ice Modeller Email
  Matthews, Sarah (Miss) Web Content Coordinator Email
  Maxfield, David (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  McCarthy, Michael (Mr) PhD Student Email
  McCarthy, Michael (Mr) PhD Student Email
  McConnachie, Andrew (Mr) Plant Technician Email
  McCrystall, Michelle (Miss) PHD Student Email
  McEvoy, Amanda (Mrs) HR Officer Marine Email
  McFadden, Daniel () Wintering Communications Manager Email
  McInnes, Sandra (Dr) Programme Office Administrator Email
  McKeever, Caspar (Mr) Field Assistant Email
  McKenna, James (Mr) Marine Biological Assistant Email
  McManamy, Daniel (Mr) Chief Cook Email
  McTavish, Stewart (Mr) Interim Innovation Centre Lead Email
  Meddle, Joe (Mr) Electrical Services Engineer Email
  Meijers, Andrew (Dr) Physical Oceanographer Email
  Melville, John (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Meredith, Alan (Capt) Chief Pilot Email
  Meredith, Michael (Prof) Science Leader Email
  Meredith, Nigel (Dr) Wave/Particle Data Analyst Email
  Millar, Madeleine (Mrs) Officer Services Team Leader Email
  Miller, James (Mr) HR Business Partner Email
  Miller, Martin (Dr) AFI Co\ Email
  Miller, Shaun (Mr) General Laboratory Technician Email
  Misiak, Marta (Ms) PHD Student Email
  Moffat, Timothy (Dr) Head of Science Facililties Email
  Moffat-Griffin, Tracy (Dr) Gravity Wave Physicist Email
  Molloy, Padraig (Mr) Second Cook Email
  Moreno, Rocio (Ms) Student Visitor Email
  Morgan, Paul (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Morley, Simon (Dr) Ephysiologist Email
  Mortimer, William (Mr) Resource Coordinator Email
  Morton, Rodney (Mr) Steward Email
  Mugford, Ruth (Dr) Ocean/Ice Modeller Email
  Mullaney, Clifford (Mr) Cpo (Deck) Email
  Mulvaney, Robert (Dr) Science Programme Coordinator Email
  Munday, David (Dr) Physical Oceanographer Email
  Munday, Richard (Mr) Head of Corporate Services Email
  Munro, Nicola (Mrs) Antarctic Funding and Arctic Office Administrator Email
  Murphy, Eugene (Prof) Science Leader Email
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  Neill, Matthew (Mr) 3rd Officer Email
  Neutel, Anje-Margriet (Dr) Complexity Email
  Newall, James (Mr) Steward Email
  Newnham, David (Dr) Middle Atmosphere Physicist Email
  Newsham, Kevin (Dr) Terrestrial Ecologist Email
  Nicholls, Keith (Dr) Oceanographer Email
  Nicholson, John (Mr) Project Liaison Officer Email
  Nicholson, Kath (Mrs) Sen Purch and Shipping Officer Email
  Nightingale, Graham (Mr) Project Support Assistant Email
  Norrish, Benjamin (Mr) Vehicles Engineer Email
  Northrop, Hannah (Miss) Laboratory/Analytical Support Technician \ Email
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  O'Donnell, Christopher (Mr) Student Other Email
  O'Duffy, John (Mr) Bosun's Mate Email
  O'Hara, Patrick (Mr) Radio Officer Email
  Oliver, Jamie (Mr) Publications and Education Mgr Email
  Orr, Andrew (Dr) Regional Climate Modeller Email
P   Back to top  
  Page, Timothy (Mr) Chief Officer Email
  Pantrey, Kathryn (Miss) Office Services Assistant Email
  Pardo, Deborah (Dr) Population Modeller Email
  Parnell, Luke (Mr) Chief Engineer Email
  Parsley, Richard (Mr) Mg1(A) Email
  Paterson, Robert (Capt) Master Email
  Patmore, Ryan (Mr) PHD Student Email
  Patterson, Thomas (Mr) Steward Email
  Pattinson, Liam (Mr) Vacation Student (Radiation Belt Model Verification) Email
  Pearce, David (Dr) E Fellow Email
  Pearce, Stephen (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Pearmain, William (Mr) PHD Student Email
  Peat, Helen (Dr) Data Manager Email
  Peavoy, Daniel (Mr) Student Masters Email
  Peck, Charlotte (Miss) Assistant HR Officer Email
  Peck, David (Mr) Deck/Science/Bosun Email
  Peck, Lloyd (Prof) Physiologist Adaptations Lea Email
  Peck, Victoria (Miss) Palaeoceanographer Email
  Perren, Bianca (Dr) Post Doc Res Asst Quaternary Sediments & Palaeoclimate Email
  Pettitt, Matthew (Mr) 3rd Officer Email
  Phelps, Kenneth (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Phillips, Mark (Mr) Vacation Student (Radiation Belt Model Verification) Email
  Phillips, Matthew (Mr) Boating Officer Email
  Phillips, Richard (Dr) Seabird Ecologist Foodweb Email
  Phillips, Tony (Mr) Climate Data Modeller Email
  Phoenix, Lilly (Miss) Stores Operative Email
  Pictor, Stephen (Mr) Motorman Email
  Pinnock, Michael (Mr) Board Member Science Delivery Email
  Polfrey, Scott (Mr) Mechanical Technician Email
  Pope, James (Mr) Climate Modeller Email
  Pothecary, Frances (Ms) Field Assistant Email
  Potten, Ian (Capt) Line Pilot Email
  Pountney, Samuel (Mr) Marine Research Assistant Email
  Pratt, John (Mr) Chief Cook Email
  Preston, Mark (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Prieg, Lydia (Ms) PhD Student Email
  Pritchard, Hamish (Dr) \ Email
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  Quince, Kim (Ms) PR Officer Email
  Quinn, Lucy (Dr) Zoological Field Assistant Email
  Quinn, Michael (Mr) Catering Officer Email
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  Rae, Joanna (Miss) Assistant Archivist Email
  Raper, Ian (Mr) Seaman Grade Band 1 (A) Email
  Ratcliffe, Norman (Dr) Seabird Ecologist Email
  Raworth, Graham (Mr) Steward Email
  Regan, Heather (Miss) PHD Student Email
  Reis, William (Mr) Email
  Rhodes, Rachael (Dr) Ice Core Lab Analyst Email
  Rigby, Arron (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Riley, Teal (Dr) Survey Geologist Email
  Rix, Julius (Mr) Ice Core Drilling Engineer Email
  Roberts, Jenny (Ms) Student Other Email
  Roberts, Malcolm (Mr) Winter Communications Manager Email
  Roberts, Stephen (Dr) Palaeolimnologist Email
  Robinson, Carl (Mr) Head of Airbourne Survey Technology Email
  Robinson, Richard (Mr) Able Seaman Email
  Robst, Jeremy (Mr) IT Support Engineer Email
  Rodhouse, Paul (Prof) E Fellow Email
  Roscoe, Howard (Dr) E Fellow Email
  Rose, Michael (Mr) Head of Science Engineering Email
  Rosier, Sebastian (Mr) \ Email
  Ross, Neil (Mr) Visiting Scientist Email
  Rowe, Martin (Mr) Cpo (Deck) Email
  Royston, Samantha (Dr) Glacier Change Modeller Email
  Rutter, Andrew (Mr) Mg1 Email
S   Back to top  
  Sackett, Pauline (Mrs) Logistics Coordinator FI Email
  Sallee, Jean-Baptiste (Dr) E Fellow Email
  Samways, Paul (Mr) Boating Officer Email
  Sands, Chester (Mr) Geneticist Email
  Saunders, Ryan (Mr) Fish Ecologist Email
  Scheffer, Annette (Dr) PDRA Penguin Ecologist Email
  Schlarb-Ridley, Beatrix (Dr) Director of Innovations and Impact Email
  Scott, Robbie (Mr) Electrical Services Technician Email
  Seagrove, Paul (Mr) Press & PR Manager Email
  Seaton, David (Mr) Project Manager New Polar Research Vessel Email
  Sexton, Trish (Ms) Receptionist Email
  Shanklin, Jonathan (Mr) E Fellow Email
  Sharpe, Tracey (Miss) PA to BM's for CS and Ops and Eng Email
  Shaw, James (Mr) Chief Engineer Email
  Shields, Robert (Mr) Second Cook Email
  Shoosmith, Deb (Dr) Oceanographer Email
  Shore, Robert (Mr) Geomagnetic Field Researcher Email
  Shuckburgh, Emily (Dr) Dynamical Oceanographer Email
  Silk, Janet (Mrs) Marine Ecologist Email
  Sime, Louise (Dr) Palaeoclimate Modeller Email
  Simms, Mairi (Miss) Antarctic Atmospheric Scientist Email
  Singleton, Vicki (Miss) Project Manager Antarctic Research Station Email
  Sleight, Victoria (Miss) PhD Student Algorithm Email
  Sliester, Randolph (Mr) Ships programme and Ops Manager Email
  Smith, Andy (Dr) Head of Ice Sheet Stability Programme Email
  Smith, Emma (Ms) DTG Student Email
  Smith, James (Dr) Sedimentologist Email
  Smith, Rebecca (Miss) Aquarium Facility Manager Email
  Smith, Sheldon (Mr) NERC \ Email
  Smith, Zachary (Mr) Electronics Technician Email
  Smithson, Samuel (Mr) Building Services Technician Email
  Stainthorp, Rose () PhD Student Email
  Stamp, Sophie (Miss) PhD Student Email
  Staniland, Iain (Dr) Marine Mammal Ecologist Email
  Starling, Andrew (Mr) Building Services Technician Email
  Stevens, Philip (Mr) Field Assistant Email
  Stevens, Ralph (Capt) Master Email
  Stewart, George (Mr) Deck/Science/Bosun Email
  Stiglic-Buxton, Steve (Mr) Electro Technical Officer Email
  Stockings, Tim (Capt) Director of Operations Email
  Stowasser, Gabriele (Dr) Marine Ecologist Email
  Strachan, Rodney (Mr) Logistics Coordinator Email
  Stroud, Thomas (Mr) Instrumentation Engineer Email
T   Back to top  
  Tait, Andrew (Mr) Mechanical Engineer Email
  Tancell, Claire (Mrs) PhD Studentship Email
  Tarling, Geraint (Dr) Zooplankton Ecologist/WPM Email
  Tarrant, Sian (Miss) Zoological Field Assistant Email
  Tate, Alex (Mr) Head of Information Services Email
  Taylor, Louise (Ms) DTG Student Email
  Taylor, Simon (Mr) Project Support Assistant Email
  Teague, Alison (Mrs) Student Co Ordinator and Resource Email
  Telesca, Luca (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Thomas, Craig (Mr) Deck Engineer Email
  Thomas, Liz (Dr) Ice Core Analytical Scientist Email
  Thomas, Jenny (Miss) Bio\ Email
  Thomas, Mark (Mr) Head of Aircraft Engineering Email
  Thomas, Seth (Mr) Electronics Engineer Email
  Thompson, Jill (Miss) Head of Estates Email
  Thorne, Michael (Mr) Computation Bioinformatics Email
  Thorpe, Sally (Dr) Ecological Modeller Email
  Tombs, Nicky (Miss) \ Email
  Tomsett, Mandy (Mrs) Assistant Librarian (NLS) Email
  Tong, Jon (Mr) Masters Student Email
  Tran, Hue (Ms) Data Manager Email
  Trathan, Phil (Dr) Predators in Ecosystems/WPM Email
  Tsentides, Manos (Mr) IT Support Engineer Email
  Tuckwell, Rebecca (Miss) Analytical Chemist \ Email
  Turner, Adam (Mr) Boating Officer Email
  Turner, Emma (Miss) Visiting Scientist Email
  Turner, John (Prof) Variability Climatologist Email
  Turner, Richard (Mr) Catering Officer Email
  Turton, Jenny (Miss) \ Email
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  Underwood, Philip (Mr) Student PhD Case Email
V   Back to top  
  Vaughan, David (Prof) Director of Science Email
  Venables, Emily (Miss) Field Diving Officer Email
  Venables, Hugh (Dr) RaTS Project Manager Email
  Vidamour, Andrew (Capt) Line Pilot Email
  Villota Nieva, Leyre () PhD Student Email
W   Back to top  
  Waddicor, Charles (Mr) Radio Officer Email
  Wake, James (Mr) Field Operations Manager Email
  Walder, Andrew (Mr) Second Officer Email
  Waldock, Karen (Mrs) Receptionist Email
  Wale, Gareth (Mr) Motorman Email
  Walker, Keith (Mr) Chief Cook Email
  Waluda, Claire (Dr) Data Analysis CCAMLR Email
  Wang, Zhaomin (Dr) Visiting Scientist Email
  Ward, Peter (Mr) Zooplankton Ecologist Email
  Waring, Paul (Mr) Electrical Power Generation Technician Email
  Waters, Maria (Mrs) Order Receipting Assistant Email
  Watkins, Jonathan (Dr) Science Programme Coordinator Email
  Wattam, David (Mr) Logistics Coordinator Email
  Waylett, Graham (Mr) Seaman Grade Band 1 (EDH) Email
  Wearing, Martin (Mr) PhD Student Email
  Webb, Andrew (Mr) Marine Engineer Email
  Weir, Laura () Postgraduate Research Student Email
  Weir, Robert (Mr) Seaman (AB) Email
  Weiss, Alexandra (Dr) Aircraft Data Analyst Email
  Welsh, Thomas (Mr) Station Leader Email
  Weston, Kenneth (Mr) Second Steward Email
  Whatley, William (Mr) Chief Officer Email
  White, Ian (Mr) PhD Student Email
  White, Lawrence (Mr) Assistant Management Accountant Email
  White, Maria (Mrs) H&S Support Officer Email
  White, Rob (Mr) Senior Marine Engineer Email
  White, Stephen (Mr) Head of Vehicles Section Email
  Whittle, Rowan (Dr) Molluscan Palaeontologist Email
  Wilkinson, Jeremy (Dr) Sea Ice Physicist Email
  Williams, Rosie (Dr) \ Email
  Williams, Peter (Mr) Management Accountant \ Email
  Williams, Thomas (Mr) PHD Student Email
  Willis, Nicky (Ms) Quality Assurance Manager \ Email
  Winnard, Stephanie (Miss) Marine Biologist/Zoological Field Assistant Email
  Wirtz, Leigh (Mrs) Marine Engineering Coordinator Email
  Wolff, Eric (Prof) E Fellow Email
  Wood, Andy (Dr) Marine Predator Ecologist Email
  Woodfield, Emma (Dr) Radiation Belt Modeller Email
  Worland, Roger (Dr) E Fellow Email
  Wright, Simon (Mr) Third Engineer Email
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  Yang, Xin (Dr) Atmospheric Chemistry Modeller Email
  Yarra, Tejaswi (Miss) Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher Email
  Yates, Jonathan (Mr) NERC\ Email
  Young, Emma (Dr) Physical Biological Modeller Email