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Dr. Geraint Tarling - Profile

photo of Dr. Geraint Tarling Zooplankton Ecologist/WPM

+44 (0)1223 221596

British Antarctic Survey
Madingley Road, High Cross
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0ET United Kingdom


1998-2001 NERC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban, U.K. (Advective ecology of zooplankton in the Clyde Sea)
1996-1998 Post-doctoral researcher, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban, U.K. (Physiological Ecology of a Pelagic crustacean PEP; EU-MASTIII)

1991-1995 Ph. D. Biological Oceanography, Southampton University “Mesoscale distribution patterns and euphausiid population ecology in the south-west Atlantic”
1988-1991 B. A. Zoology (Upper Second), Jesus College, Oxford University

May 2012 Advisory Board for Centre for Environmental and Marine Sciences, University of Hull
Jan 2012 Steering group of CircA (Circadian rhythms of Arctic zooplankton from polar twilight to polar night; patterns, processes, and ecosystem implication)
April 2011 Steering group of the EU Consortium examining effects of climate change on Antarctic krill populations
Sept 2010 National Organising Committee, Challenger Society 2010 conference
Sept 2009 Organiser of Polar Ecosystem session in BES annual conference
May 2008 CCAMLR/IWC Expert group in krill biology
March 2008 NERC Merit Promotion board, panel member
Sept 2006 Board of the Challenger Society, UK
August 2006 Peer-review panel of research grants, BAS

April 2008 Honorary Fellow of Environmental and Marine Sciences, University of Hull

Mar 2013    Working with R
Feb 2010    Challenging conversations workshop. NERC
Oct 2009    Safety management in a Research Environment. IOSH
Sept 2008    Grant writing and mentoring courses. JTS
Mar 2008    Merit promotion board training. JTS
Mar 2006    Reviewer Workshiop. JTS
Oct 2005    Budget management-system training (NIMBUS), BAS HQ
Aug 2005    Electronic Record Management Training, British Antarctic Survey HQ
Oct 2004     Delivering Performance. Cambridge Management Development
Jun 2004    An Introduction to Molecular Biology. BAS (AnGel laboratory group)
Jan 2004    Communicating Science to the Public. JTS
Oct 2003    Effective Supervision of Research Students. Steve Ketteridge, Queen Mary, University of London
Oct 2003     Echoview training workshop. Sonardata
Jul 2003     Essential Line management skills. JTS
Nov 2002     Introduction to MATLAB. Mathworks, Cambridge

2005- Wokpackage manager (Ocean Ecosystems) with line-management responsibilities for 12 staff
2000-2002 Project manager of “Toxin impacts on zooplankton near fish farms” (funded by MAFF/VMD).
Line-manager of Kate Willis (Post-doctoral researcher)
2000-2002 Principal Investigator of “Advective Ecology of the Irish Sea” (funded by MARPROD, NERC Thematic).
Line-manager of Steve Emsley (Post-doctoral researcher)
1998-2001 Project manager of a 12-month multidisciplinary campaign examining biological and physical oceanography of Clyde Sea (team of 7 people)
1996-1999 Co-ordination of team researching population and behavioural ecology in EU-MASTIII project on Northern krill (team of 5 people from 3 laboratories)

2012-present Ella Howes PhD “Effects of ocean acidification on calcification, elemental composition and isotopic composition in Mediterranean pteropods and foraminifers” Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) and Jacobs University (Bremen) (Member of supervisory committee)
2009-present Claire Tancell PhD “Identification and structure of distribution hotspots of pelagic fauna in the Scotia Sea” British Antarctic Survey/Cambridge University (Joint supervisor)
2007-2010 Nina Bednarsek PhD “Potential impacts of ocean acidification on Southern Ocean pteropods” British Antarctic Survey/University of East Anglia (Primary supervisor)
2005-2009 Renuka Badhe PhD. “Phytoplanton productivity in the Scotia Sea”, British Antarctic Survey/Essex University (Joint supervisor)
2005-2006 Oystein Varpe PhD “Life-cycle strategies of copepods” Bergen University (Joint supervisor)
2002-2006 Kate Cresswell Ph.D. “Behavioural modeling of krill-penguin interactions”, British Antarctic Survey (Primary supervisor)
1999-2003 Toby Jarvis Ph.D. “The vertical export of material caused by the vertical migration of zooplankton Scottish Association for Marine Science (Primary supervisor)
1998-1999 Jani Sassi M. Phil “Modelling the life-history and vertical migration of krill” University of Bergen (Joint supervisor)
1997-1998 Sandra Lass M. Phil. “Trophic analysis of Meganyctiphanes norvegica” Christian Albrecht Universität, Kiel (Joint supervisor)
1992-1995 Supervision of 5 undergraduate projects in Southampton University

External examiner to 3 PhD Theses

2012-2015 Co-investigator - Biophysical and ionic controls of buoyancy in diapausing calanoid copepods – NERC Standard grant (£360K)
2010-2013 Co-Principal Investigator – Ocean Acidification Impacts on Sea-Surface Biology, Biogeochemistry and Climate – NERC UKOAP consortium (£253K)
2008-2009 Co- Investigator – SOFI Ocean 2025 - Impact of Arctic sea-ice retreat on zooplankton foraging behaviour and vertical carbon flux (£66K)
2007-2009 Principal Investigator – FAASIS - University of East Anglia 2-year fellowship to investigate “Vulnerability of pteropods to acidification of Southern Ocean”
2006-2009 Co- Investigator – Antarctic Funding Initiative “Gene function in Antarctic krill: determining the role of clock genes in synchronized behavioural patterns” (£800,000 total grant – will head the BAS investigation team with 53% of this grant)
2005-2010 Project Leader FLEXICON, a project of the DISCOVERY 2010 core-programme at BAS (Budget of £2.5 million over 5 y)
2004-2005 Prinicipal Investigator - AFI-CGS. “Swimming energetics of krill” (Travel and subsistence costs)
2002-2005 Principal Investigator - BAS research studentship. “Modelling krill-penguin interactions”
2000-2002 Principal Investigator - MARPROD. “Advective ecology of the Irish Sea” (post-doc. salary + running costs)
2000-2002 Principal Investigator - MAFF/VMD. “Toxin impacts on zooplankton near fish farms” (post-doc. salary + running costs)
1999-2001 NERC Post-doctoral Fellowship (post-doctoral salary, consumables, capital equipment)

Sept 2012 “Pteropods dissolve in response to anthropogenic acidification of the Southern Ocean” UK Antarctic Science Conference, Cambridge (poster)
Sept. 2012 “Do Antarctic krill go with the flow” Challenger 2012, University of East Anglia (poster and session chair)
Apr. 2012 “Overview of Southern Ocean OA Science” 2nd UKOA Annual Science Meeting, University of Exeter (oral and poster)
Apr. 2011 “Distributional and physiological limits of Euphausia superba: what does the future hold?” EU Workshop on ‘Krill in a changing ocean’. Texel, The Netherlands (oral)
June 2010 “Comparing mesozooplankton size-structure between the Arctic and Southern Ocean provides trophodynamics insight” International Polar Year, Oslo (oral)
Sept 2009 “Swarming in Antarctic krill: structural flexibility and physical constraints” British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Herford University, UK (oral)
Jul. 2009 “Seasonal patterns in vertical migration of marine zooplankton at high latitudes: drivers and implications” UK Arctic Science meeting, NOC Southampton (oral)
Feb. 2009 “The dynamic influence of physical and biological forces on krill swarm characters” ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting, Nice, France (oral)
Jul. 2008 “Variability and predictability of swarm formations in Antarctic krill” SCAR Open Science Conference, St Petersburg, Russia (oral)
May 2007 “Relationship of parasitism to life-cycle characteristics of Euphausia superba” 4th International Zooplankton Production Symposium, Hiroshima, Japan (oral)
June 2006 “Satiation sinking in Antarctic krill and its contribution to active carbon flux”. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Victoria, Canada. (oral)
Oct. 2005 Belgo-British Conference, Whitehall, London. A ‘think-tank’ including government ministers as well as representatives from industry and academia and NGOs. The theme for discussion was “2020 – a new horizon for Europe”.
Jul. 2005 Organising committee of 6th International Crustacean Conference (Glasgow UK) and convener of the symposium on ‘Ecophysiology of Pelagic Crustacea’
Apr. 2005 “Biological and physical influences on krill recruitment in the Southern Ocean”. Marine Productivity/Challenger Society Conference on Biophysical Interactions in High Latitude Oceans, Cambridge, UK (oral)
Sep. 2004 “Modelling copepod life-cycle in the Southern Ocean: a species-specific approach”. Challenger Conference for Marine Science, Liverpool, U.K. (oral)
Jul. 2004 “Krill fecundity in the South Georgia region: its influence on population dynamics and the wider implications”. SCAR Open Science Conference, Bremen, Germany (oral)
Oct. 2003 “Modelling the life-cycle and production patterns in the Southern Ocean through confrontation of long-term datasets”. Linnean Society Symposium, London, U.K. (oral)
May 2003 “Life-cycle phenotypic composition and mortality of Calanoides actutus in the Scotia Sea: a modelling approach”. 3rd Zooplankton Production Symposium, Gijon, Spain (poster)
Sep. 2001 “Midnight sinking behaviour in Calanus finmarchicus”. IABO/IAPSO Conference, Mar del Plata, Argentina (poster)
Jul. 1999 “Optimisation models to predict vertical migration in Northern Krill”. 2nd Krill Symposium, Santa Cruz, USA (oral)
Sep. 1997 “Vertical migratory patterns and dispersal of zooplankton in the Kattegat Channel”. 32nd European Marine Biological Symposium, Lysekil, Sweden (oral)
Aug. 1995 “Mesoscale distribution patterns of macrozooplankton”. 2nd Pelagic Biogeography Conference, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands (oral)

May 2013    “Influence of copepod behaviour on carbon flux in the Arctic summer” 2nd Annual CIRCA Workshop, Scottish Association Marine Science, Oban
Nov 2012    “DISCOVERY 2010: Findings and implications” Workshop of European Flagship for Polar Ecosystem change and synthesis (PECS), Alfred-Wegener Institute for polar and marine research, Germany
Nov. 2012    “The biology of Antarctic krill” Dept of Biology, Plymouth University
Mar. 2012    “Spatial and temporal variability in the Scotia Sea” Workshop on Polar Ecosystems at the University Centre in Svalbard
Jan. 2009     “Antarctic krill: a saga of industry, ice and intrigue” Hamburg Zoological Museum, Hamburg University, Germany
May 2007     “Growth and recruitment in Antarctic krill” a presentation given as an invited participant at the Lenfest Ocean Program workshop “Identifying and Resolving Key Uncertainties in Management Models for Krill Fisheries” Santa Cruz, USA
July 2006    “Behavioural ecology of Northern and Antarctic krill”     Kristineberg Marine Institute, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Mar. 2006    “Critical stage ecology in the Southern Ocean” School of Ocean Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor
Feb. 2006    “Southern Ocean Ecosystems: Flexible life-cycles in a changing environment” Biology Dept, Hull University
Oct. 2005    “Climate change in polar regions” invited speaker at Centro de la Ciencias de la Atmosfera, UNAM, Mexico City
Aug 1999    “Advective ecology” at Alfred-Wegner Institute - Biologische Anstalt Helgoland, Germany

Mar 2012 “Antarctic krill: a saga of ice and industry” Principia Society, Tonbridge School
Nov 2011 “Fishing in the Southern Ocean and the role of BAS” Cornwall College, Newquay (Foundation degree course)
Dec 2010 “Are ecologists fearing a krill crisis?” University of the Third Age Seminar series, Scott-Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
June 2009 “Inspiring oceans” Ashton Gate, Bristol. gave a presentation on oceanography and convened a debate on climate change solutions between pupils (16 to 18 years of age) invited from a number of schools around Bristol
March 2008 “Polar ecosystems under threat”, Edinburgh International Science Festival
Sept 2007 “Why should climate change at the poles concern us all” a presentation to United World College of Atlantic, UK
June 2007 “The Southern Ocean ecosystem and its vulnerability to change” a presentation to teachers of Appleton School for Staff into Industry Day
Nov 2006 “Climate change at the poles: its consequences to humanity and global biodiversity” a presentation to Café Scientifique (British Council), in Helsinki, and filmed for Finnish TV
Mar. 2006 “How climate change in Antarctica will affect us all” a presentation to Coffi Gwyddonol Cymru, Bangor
Jan 2006 “Working and living in Antarctica” a presentation to CAMMIND, Cambridge
Oct-Dec 2005 “Climate change in polar regions” a presentation for Café Scientifique (British Council), in Brussels (6th Oct), Mexico City (28th Oct) and Tallinn (1st Dec)
Oct 2005 “Climate change: what role can we play” at UAM-Iztapalapa University, Mexico City. A presentation and debate for the ‘Zero Carbon City’ initiative
Oct 2005 “Science in Antarctica and its importance to society” a presentation at the CONACYT science festival, Cuernevaca, Mexico
Aug 2005 “Southern Ocean plankton and climate change”, International Youth Conference visit to Cambridge
Feb. 2005 “Climate change in Antarctica and why it concerns us all” to academics, fellows and scholars of British Council (Pakistan). 90 min video conference including a 45 min question and answer session
Sept 2004 “Antarctica: a continent of peace and science” a keynote talk to the Cambridge Junior Chamber.
May 2002 “Science in Antarctica” St Paul’s school, London

2012    New Scientist ‘Ocean waters are dissolving sea snail shells’ – also reported in 106 international news items
2010    BBC Radio 4 Material World (June) ‘International Polar Year’
2010    The Times newspaper (7 July) ‘Species invasions in the Arctic’
2009     BBC Radio 4 Material World (Feb) ‘Iron fertilisation’; BBC Earth News (13 Oct) ‘Krill superswarms’
2008    The Guardian newspaper (23 Mar) ‘Krill harvesting’,
2006    BBC World Service Radio (Mar) ‘Impacts of ice retreat’; Finnish National TV ‘Climate change and global biodiversity’
2005    Radio Estonia and Estonia Breakfast TV (Dec) ‘Climate change at the poles’

1. The Biology of Northern krill. Advances in Marine Biology 57 pp. 314. Tarling GA (Ed.)
2. DISCOVERY 2010: Spatial and temporal variability in a dynamic polar ecosystem. Deep-Sea Research II Special Issue. Tarling GA, Ward P, Atkinson A, Collins MA, Murphy EJ (Eds.)