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Dr. Geraint Tarling - Profile


Magnus Johnson (University of Hull, UK): Swimming energetics of krill

Ezio Rosato (University of Leicester, UK): Clock genes

Jorgen Berge (University centre of Svalbard, Norway); Zooplankton behaviour in Arctic

Andrew Brierley (University of St Andrews, UK); bioacoustics

Finlo Cottier (Scottish Association for Marine Sciences, UK); biophysical inteactions

John Spicer (University of Plymouth, UK); oxygen stress in polar organisms

Angus Atkinson (Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK); krill distribution and population dynamics

David Pond (Scottish Association for Marine Sciences, UK); lipids and buoyancy in polar zooplankton

Grant Stentiford (CEFAS, UK); parasites and diseases in Antarctic krill

Main Research Themes

Krill ecophysiology and population dynamics

Physical and biological influences on krill swarming behaviour

Zooplankton community structure and diversity

Ocean acidification and its effect on zooplankton behaviour and physiology

Vertical migration behaviour of pelagic organisms

Influence of zooplankton on carbon flux, particularly at high latitudes