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Prof. David Vaughan - Profile

Selected publications:

Vaughan, D. G. et al. Recent rapid regional climate warming on the Antarctic Peninsula. Climatic Change, 60, 243-274 (2003).

Vaughan, D. G. & Spouge, J. R. Risk estimation of collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Climatic Change 52, 65-91 (2002).10.  

Lythe, M., Vaughan, D. G. & BEDMAP Consortium. BEDMAP: a new ice thickness and subglacial topographic model of Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research 106, 11335-11352 (2001).

Vaughan, D. G., Marshall, G. J., Connolley, W. M., King, J. C. & Mulvaney, R. Climate Change: Devil in the Detail. Science 293, 1777-1779 (2001).

Vaughan, D. G., Bamber, J. L., Giovinetto, M., Russell, J. & Cooper, A. P. R. Reassessment of net surface mass balance in Antarctica. Journal of Climate . 12, 933-945, 1999a

Vaughan, D. G., Corr, H. F. J., Doake, C. S. M. & Waddington, E. D. Distortion of isochronous layers in ice revealed by ground-penetrating radar. Nature, 398, 323-326 (1999).

Vaughan, D. G. & Doake, C. S. M. Recent atmospheric warming and retreat of ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula. Nature 379, 328-331 (1996).

Cook, A., A.J. Fox, D.G. Vaughan, and J.G. Ferrigno, Retreating glacier-fronts on the Antarctic Peninsula over the last 50 years, Science, In press