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Prof. Dominic Hodgson - Profile

photo of Prof. Dominic Hodgson Senior Sediment Scientist

+44 (0)1223 221400

British Antarctic Survey
Madingley Road, High Cross
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0ET United Kingdom


I am a senior Quaternary Scientist at the British Antarctic Survey specialising in high latitude climate and environmental change. I lead the Quaternary Sediments group in the Chemistry and Past Climate programme which uses ice cores, marine and lake sediments and terrestrial records, to investigate how the different parts of the Earth System have interacted to produce the large climate changes that occurred naturally in the past. By understanding these we are able to better constrain predictions of future change. I am publishing in the following research areas:

·                 Glacial history including constraining GRACE satellite estimates of ice mass loss from Antarctica using observations of relative sea-level change, determining the timing and extent of the Last Glacial Maximum, the history of deglaciation and stability of ice shelves.

·                 Late glacial and Holocene climate change including the history of the Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds and their role on the CO2 budget of the Earth’s largest CO2 sink in the Sothern Ocean, and climate signals from sediments and moss banks derived from isotopic tracers, microfossil and biogeochemical proxies.

·                 Technologies to sample subglacial sediments for records of changes in the stability of the West Antarctic Ice sheet and extreme biological habitats based on work at Lake Hodgson and future work on the Rutford Ice Stream and Lake Ellsworth.

·                 Through collaboration I am also involved in projects looking at biogeography and endemism and the role of tectonics and glaciation, palaeoceanography including past sea ice extent and mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere palaeoclimate records.