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Prof. Dominic Hodgson - Profile

Research Interests

My research team is currenly working on the following research grants:

NERC Standard Grant  – Reducing uncertainty in the estimates of the sea level contribution from the westernmost part of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet.

NERC Standard Grant  - Late Quaternary changes in the Westerly Winds over the Southern Ocean

NERC AFI Grant - Terrestrial Holocene climate variability on the Antarctic Peninsula

NERC AFI Grant  - Basal Conditions on Rutford Ice Stream: Bed Access, Monitoring and Ice Sheet History

NERC Consortium Grant - Direct measurement & sampling of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth

NERC Consortium Grant  - Ocean acidification impacts on sea-surface biology, biogeochemistry and climate

NERC Standard Grant  – Reconstructing wind strength and atmospheric circulation in West Antarctica over the past 300 years