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Dr. Hua Lu - Profile

Research Interests

Atmospheric Processes and Variability

  • Wave-mean flow interaction: planetary wave propagation, Rossby wave breaking, and baroclinic/barotropic instability
  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: investigating how perturbation imposed in the middle and upper stratosphere can be transmitted downwards to the lower stratosphere and the troposphere dynamically
  • Sun-climate connection: detecting multiple solar signals in the atmospheric data and understanding how solar effect in the upper atmosphere affects weather and climate at the layers closer to the Earth's surface

Mathematical Modelling

  • Quantify environmental problems using multidisciplinary knowledge, integrated approaches, complex systems theories, and spatially distributed climate, terrain, soil and remote sensing vegetation data.  Research has been taken over:
    • aeolian dust transport
    • interaction between turbulent flow and particulate uplifting
    • water erosion, sediment delivery at plot -> catchment -> continental scales

Operations Research

  • Applications in environmental impact and risk assessment, especially water quality and water availability
  • Spatial optimization for land use allocation and best management practices (BMPs) placement for water quality control