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Dr. Hua Lu - Profile

Research Interests

Atmospheric Processes and Variability

  • Stratosphere-troposphere coupling: investigating how perturbation imposed in the middle and upper stratosphere can be transmitted downwards to the lower stratosphere and troposphere dynamically;
  • Sun-climate connection: detecting multiple solar signals in the atmospheric data and understanding how solar response at the upper atmosphere affects weather and climate at the layers closer to the Earth's surface;

Mathematical Modelling

  • Aeolian dust transport;
  • Land-air interactions with an emphasis on particulate uplifting.
  • representation of sediment (by water) source generation, transport and deposition from plot to catchment then to continental scales;
  • Quantify complex environmental problems using complex systems theories, multidisciplinary knowledge, integrated approaches and spatially distributed climate, terrain, soil and remote sensing vegetation data.

Operations Research

  • Applications in environmental impact and risk assessment, especially water quality and water availability;
  • Spatial optimization for land use allocation and best management practices (BMPs) placement for water quality control.