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Dr. Liz Thomas - Profile

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Thomas, E.R., (2006) High resolution analysis of rapid climate change from Greenland ice cores, PhD thesis, British Antarctic Survey (Open University), Cambridge.

Other publications
Thomas, E.R., Baeseman, J., Lantuit, H., Xavier, J., and N. Baker, (2008) Professional Development Training for Early Career Polar Researchers, EOS.

Thomas, E. R. (2006), Earth Paleoenvironments: Records Preserved in Mid- and Low-latitude Glaciers, Vol. 9, DeWayne Cecil L, Green JR, Thompson LG (eds), 250 pp Kluwer, Dordrecht, 2004, Hardback: £56.00, ISBN: 1-4020-2145-3, Journal of Paleolimnology, 10.1007/s10933-006-9040-7, 1-3.