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158 peer-reviewed publications (papers and book chapters), with 2 more in press; H-index 33.

In Press

Hart T., Trathan P.N., Brown R.M., Teacher A.G.F., Clucas G.V., Ahmed S., Rogers, A.D. (in press). Gene flow in a philopatric seabird; macaroni penguin populations around South Georgia. Polar Biology.
Ratcliffe N., Trathan P.N. (in press). A review of the diet and foraging movements of penguins breeding within the CCAMLR area. CCAMLR Science.
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Fretwell, P.T., Trathan, P.N., Wienecke, B. & Kooyman, G.L. (2014). Emperor penguins breeding on iceshelves. PLOS ONE 9(1): e85285. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085285
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