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Dr. Sophie Fielding - Profile

Research Interests

My research focuses on the use of acoustic observations to understand ecosystem response to a changing oceanic habitat, addressing issues around global food security and climate affects on carbon cycles. My interests span zooplankton to nekton and I examine them in the context of physical forcing of plankton distributions, predator-prey interactions, human fishing impacts and methodological developments in acoustic techniques of target identification and estimation. I am a keen advocate of emerging technology including the use of AUVs (in particular underwater gliders) in my research.


IOF (NE/K011308/1) (2013-2016) "SONA: Southern Ocean Network of Acoustics" PI Dr S Fielding (BAS), CO-I Mr Alex Tate (BAS), Project partners AAD (Australia), CSIRO (Australia), IRD (France), IMR (Norway), NIWA (New Zealand), NOAA (USA)

AFI 11 (NE/H014756/1) (2010-2015) "Gliders: Excellent New Tools for Observing the Ocean (GENTOO)" PI Prof K Heywood (UEA), CO-Is Prof G Griffiths (NOC-Southampton), Dr A Thompson (BAS/DAMTP, University of Cambridge), Dr S Dalziel (DAMTP, University of Cambridge), Dr S Fielding (BAS) Prof E Murphy (BAS)

AFI 9 (NE/F01547X/1) (2010-2013) "The role of krill grazing in Southern Ocean nutrient cycles"
 PI Dr A Atkinson (BAS)/ Dr S Fielding (BAS) CO-Is Prof E Achterburg (NOC-Southampton)

FAASIS UEA PhD studentship (2007-2010) "Vulnerability of pteropods to acidification of Southern Ocean" PI Dr G Tarling (BAS), CO-Is Dr D Bakker (UEA), Dr S Fielding (BAS). Student N Bednarsek

New Investigators (NE/C507353/1) "What role do zooplankton play in iron recycling?" PI Dr S Fielding