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Mr. Alex Tate - Profile

Curtis, Michael L.;Riley, Teal R.;Flowerdew, Michael J.;Tate, Alex;. 2011 The application and benefits of digital geological mapping in Antarctica. Antarctic Science.

Fretwell, P.T.;Tate, Alex;Deen, Tara;Belchier, Mark;. 2009 Compilation of a new bathymetric dataset of South Georgia. Antarctic Science.

Wendt, Anke S.;Vaughan, Alan P.M.;Tate, Alexander;. 2008 Metamorphic rocks in the Antarctic Peninsula region. Geological Magazine.

Graham, A.G.C.;Fretwell, P.T.;Larter, Robert;Hodgson, Dominic;Wilson, C.K.;Tate, Alexander James;Morris, P.;. 2008 A new bathymetric compilation highlighting extensive paleo-ice sheet drainage on the continental shelf, South Georgia, sub-Antarctica. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems