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Dr. Alex Burton-Johnson - Profile

BURTON-JOHNSON, A. 2013. Origin, Emplacement and Tectonic Relevance of the Mt. Kinabalu Granitic Pluton of Sabah, Borneo. Durham University.

CULLEN, A., MACPHERSON, C., TAIB, N.I., BURTON-JOHNSON, A., GEIST, D., SPELL, T. & BANDA, R.M. 2013. Age and petrology of the Usun Apau and Linau Balui volcanics: Windows to central Borneo’s interior. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 76, 372–388, doi: 10.1016/j.jseaes.2013.05.003.

BURTON-JOHNSON, A. & MACPHERSON, C.J. 2012. Mt. Kinabalu Multi-phased Post-collisional I-Type Granite. In: Abstract American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting.