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Mr. Michael Pinnock - Profile

In excess of 60 publications in international, referees journals (ISI).

Three most significant papers:

 M Pinnock, A S Rodger, J R Dudeney, K B Baker , P T Newell, R.A. Greenwald and M.E. Greenspan, 1993. Observations of an enhanced convection channel in the cusp ionosphere. Journal of Geophysical Research, 98, 3767-3776, 1993.

R A Greenwald, K B Baker, J R Dudeney, M Pinnock, T B Jones, E C Thomas E.C, J-P Villain, J-C Ceresier, C Senior, C Hanuise, R Hunsucker, G Sofko, J Koehler, E Nielsen,  R Pellinen, D Walker, N Sato and H Yamagishi, 1995.  DARN/SuperDARN: A global view of the dynamics of high latitude convection. Space Science Review, 71, 761-796, 1995.

Pinnock M, Chisham G, Coleman IJ, Freeman MP, Hairston M, Villain JP, The location and rate of dayside reconnection during an interval of southward interplanetary magnetic field, Annales Geophysicae,21 (7): 1467-1482, 2003


Recent Publications

Title: Imaging of the Antarctic ionosphere: Experimental results
Author(s): Yin, P; Mitchell, CN; Alfonsi, L, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF ATMOSPHERIC AND SOLAR-TERRESTRIAL PHYSICS   Volume: 71   Issue: 17-18   Pages: 1757-1765   Published: 2009

Chisham, G.;Freeman, M.P.;Abel, G.A.;Lam, M. M.;Pinnock, M.;Coleman, I. J.;Milan, S. E.;Lester, M.;Bristow, W. A.;Greenwald, R. A.;Sofko, G. J.;Villain, J.-P.;. 2008 Remote sensing of the spatial and temporal structure of magnetopause and magnetotail reconnection from the ionosphere. Reviews of Geophysics.

Chisham, G.;Lester, M.;Milan, S.E.;Freeman, M.P.;Bristow, W.A.;Grocott, A.;McWilliams, K.A.;Ruohoniemi, J.M.;Yeoman, T.K.;Dyson, P.L.;Greenwald, R.A.;Kikuchi, T.;Pinnock, M.;Rash, J.P.S.;Sato, N.;Sofko, G.J.;Villain, J.-P.;Walker, A.D.M.;. 2007 A decade of the Super Dual Auroral Radar Network (SuperDARN): scientific achievements, new techniques and future directions. Surveys in Geophysics.

Lam, M.M.;Pinnock, M.;Donovan, E.F.;. 2006 Observations of nightside magnetic reconnection during substorm growth and expansion phases. Journal of Geophysical Research.

Parkinson, M.L.;Pinnock, M.;Wild, J.A.;Lester, M.;Yeoman, T.K.;Milan, S.E.;Ye, H.;Devlin, J.C.;Frey, H.U.;Kikuchi, T.;. 2005 Interhemispheric asymmetries in the occurrence of magnetically conjugate sub-auroral polarisation streams. Annales Geophysicae.