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Dr. Tracy Moffat-Griffin - Profile

Dr. Tracy Moffat-Griffin

+44 (0)1223 221400

British Antarctic Survey
Madingley Road, High Cross
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0ET United Kingdom


Jan 2006 to present:
Started working within the Sun-Earth Connections group at BAS, I am currently (since mid-2009) working within the Middle Atmospheric Dynamics group part of the Climate program.  Current work involves analysing data from a range of altitudes to detect gravity wave activity.  I work with a range of instruments including imaging riometers, airglow imagers and radiosondes.


Young scientist who contributed the best paper to the IAGA/ICMA Workshop on Vertical Coupling in the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System, 2006

PhD at University College London: Development and validation of the UCL Martian thermosphere-ionosphere general circulation model

MPhys Physics degree at Warwick University