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Dr. Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand - Profile

Peer-reviewed publications:



Carter, P., Vance, D., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Smith, J.A. & Shoosmith, D.R. (2012): The neodymium isotopic composition of waters masses in the eastern Pacific Sector of the Southern Ocean. – Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 79: 41-59.

Hauck, J., Gerdes, D., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Hoppema, M., Kuhn, G., Nehrke, G., Völker, C. & Wolf-Gladrow, D.A. (2012): Distribution and mineralogy of carbonate sediments on Antarctic shelves. – Journal of Marine Systems, 90: 77-87.

Hillenbrand, C.-D., Melles, M., Kuhn, G. & Larter, R.D. (2012): Marine geological constraints for the grounding-line position of the Antarctic Ice Sheet on the southern Weddell Sea shelf at the Last Glacial Maximum. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 32: 25-47.

Konfirst, M.A., Scherer, R.P., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Kuhn, G. (2012): A marine diatom record from the Amundsen Sea – Insights into oceanographic and climatic response to the Mid-Pleistocene Transition in the West Antarctic sector of the Southern Ocean. – Marine Micropalaeontology, 92-93: 40-51.

Livingstone, S.J., Ó Cofaigh, C., Stokes, C.R., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Vieli, A., & Jamieson, S.R.R. (2012): Antarctic palaeo-ice streams. – Earth-Science Reviews, 111: 90-128.

Noble, T.L., Piotrowski, A.M., Robinson, L.F., McManus, J.F., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Bory, A.J.-M. (2012): Greater supply of Patagonian-sourced detritus and transport by the ACC to the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during the last glacial period. – Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 317/318: 374-385.



Ehrmann, W., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Smith, J.A., Graham, A.G.C., Kuhn, G., & Larter, R.D. (2011): Provenance changes between recent and glacial-time sediments in the Amundsen Sea embayment, West Antarctica: clay mineral assemblage evidence. – Antarctic Science, 23: 471-486.

Reinardy, B.T.I., Hiemstra, J.F., Murray, T., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Larter, R.D. (2011): Till genesis at the bed of an Antarctic Peninsula palaeo-ice stream as indicated by micromorphological analysis. – Boreas, 40: 498-517.

Reinardy, B.T.I., Larter, R.D., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Murray, T., Hiemstra, J.F. & Booth, A.D. (2011): Streaming flow of an Antarctic Peninsula palaeo-ice stream, both by basal sliding and deformation of substrate. – Journal of Glaciology, 57: 596-608.

Smith, J.A., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Kuhn, G., Larter, R.D., Graham, A.G.C., Ehrmann, W., Moreton, S.G. & Forwick, M. (2011): Deglacial history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the western Amundsen Sea Embayment. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 30: 488-505.

Venuti, A., Florindo, F., Caburlotto, A., Hounslow, M.W., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Strada, E., Talarico, F.M. & Cavallo, A. (2011): Late Quaternary sediments from deep‐sea sediment drifts on the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific margin: Climatic control on provenance of minerals. – Journal of Geophysical Research, 116: B06104, doi:10.1029/2010JB007952.



Barnes, D.K.A. & Hillenbrand, C.-D. (2010): Faunal evidence for a late quaternary trans-Antarctic seaway. – Global Change Biology, 16: 3297-3303.

Graham, A.G.C., Larter, R.D., Gohl, K., Dowdeswell, J.A., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Smith, J.A., Evans, J., Kuhn, G. & Deen, T. (2010): Flow and retreat of the Late Quaternary Pine Island‐Thwaites palaeo‐ice stream, West Antarctica. – Journal of Geophysical Research, 115: F03025, doi:10.1029/2009JF001482.

Hillenbrand, C.-D., Larter, R.D., Dowdeswell, J.A., Ehrmann W., Ó Cofaigh, C., Benetti, S., Graham, A.G.C. & Grobe, H. (2010): The sedimentary legacy of a palaeo-ice stream on the shelf of the southern Bellingshausen Sea: Clues to West Antarctic glacial history during the Late Quaternary. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 29: 2741-2763.

Hillenbrand, C.-D., Smith, J.A., Kuhn, G., Esper, O., Gersonde, R., Larter, R.D., Maher, B., Moreton, S.G., Shimmield, T.M. & Korte, M. (2010): Age assignment of a diatomaceous ooze deposited in the western Amundsen Sea Embayment after the Last Glacial Maximum. – Journal of Quaternary Science, 25: 280-295.

Rickaby, R.E.M., Elderfield, H., Roberts, N., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Mackensen, A. (2010): Evidence for elevated alkalinity in the glacial Southern Ocean. – Paleoceanography, 25, PA1209, doi:10.1029/2009PA001762.

Smith, J,.A., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Pudsey, C.J. & Allen, C.S. (2010): The presence of polynyas in the Weddell Sea during the Last Glacial Period with implications for the reconstruction of sea-ice limits and ice sheet history. – Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 296: 287-298.



Bentley, M.J., Hodgson, D.A., Smith, J.A., Ó Cofaigh, C., Domack, E.W., Larter, R.D., Roberts, S.J., Brachfeld, S., Leventer, A., Hjort, C., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Evans, J. (2009): Mechanisms of Holocene palaeoenvironmental change in the Antarctic Peninsula region. – The Holocene, 19, 51-69.

Convey, P., Stevens, M.I., Hodgson D.A., Smellie, J.L., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Barnes, D.K.A., Clarke, A., Pugh, P.J.A., Linse, K. & Craig Cary, S. (2009): Exploring biological constraints on the glacial history of Antarctica. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 28: 3035-3048.

Graham, A.G.C., Larter, R.D., Gohl, K., HILLENBRAND, C.-D., Smith, J.A., & Kuhn, G. (2009): Bedform signature of a West Antarctic palaeo-ice stream reveals a multi-temporal record of flow and substrate control. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 28: 2774-2793.

Hillenbrand, C.-D., Ehrmann, W., Larter, R.D., Benetti, S., Dowdeswell, J.A., Ó Cofaigh, C., Graham, A.G.C. & Grobe, H. (2009): Clay mineral provenance of sediments in the southern Bellingshausen Sea reveals drainage changes of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Late Quaternary. – Marine Geology, 265, 1-18.

Hillenbrand, C.-D., Kuhn, G.& Frederichs, T. (2009): Record of a Mid-Pleistocene depositional anomaly in West Antarctic continental margin sediments: an indicator for ice-sheet collapse?. – Quaternary Science Reviews, 28, 1147-1159.

Larter, R.D., Graham, A.G.C., Gohl, K., Kuhn, G., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Smith, J.A., Deen, T.J., Livermore, R.A. & Schenke, H.W. (2009): Subglacial bedforms reveal complex basal regime in a zone of paleo-ice stream convergence, Amundsen Sea Embayment, West Antarctica. – Geology, 37, 411-414.

Pugh, R.S., McCave, I.N., Hillenbrand, C.-D. & Kuhn, G. (2009): Circum-Antarctic age modelling of Quaternary marine cores under the Antarctic Circumpolar Current: Ice-core dust–magnetic correlation – Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 284, 113-123.

Reinardy, B.T.I, Pudsey, C.J., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Murray, T. & Evans, J. (2009): Contrasting sources for glacial and interglacial shelf sediments used to interpret changing ice flow directions in the Larsen Basin, Northern Antarctic Peninsula. – Marine Geology, 266: 156-171.

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Convey, P., Gibson, J.A.E., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Hodgson, D.A., Pugh, P.J.A., Smellie, J.L. & Stevens, M.I. (2008): Antarctic terrestrial life – challenging the history of the frozen continent?. – Biological Reviews, 83, 103-117.

Cowan, E.A., Hillenbrand, C.-D., Hassler, L.E. & Ake, M.T. (2008): Coarse-grained terrigenous sediment deposition on continental rise drifts: A record of Plio-Pleistocene glaciation on the Antarctic Peninsula – Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 265, 275–291.

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Other publications:

Grobe, H., Diekmann, B. & Hillenbrand, C.-D. (2009): The memory of the polar oceans. – In Hempel, G. & Hempel, I. (Eds.), Biological Studies in Polar Oceans, Exploration of Life in Icy Waters, 37-45; Wirtschaftsverlag (Bremerhaven).

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Hillenbrand, C.-D. (2000): Glazialmarine Sedimentationsentwicklung am westantarktischen Kontinentalrand im Amundsen- und Bellingshausenmeer – Hinweise auf Paläoumweltveränderungen während der quartären Klimazyklen. - Reports on Polar Research, 346; Alfred Wegener Institute (Bremerhaven); 182 pp.