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Dr. Dan Jones - Profile

Research Interests

  • Southern Ocean circulation and dynamics
  • Mode and intermediate water formation
  • Air-sea gas exchange and carbon disequilibrium
  • Hypoxia in the Pacific Ocean
  • Dynamical systems


  • Exposé project:  Jean Baptiste Sallée (BAS/CNRS), Emily Shuckburgh (BAS), Andrew Meijers (BAS), George Nurser (NOCS), Peter Haynes (DAMTP), et al.
  • Air-sea gas exchange and carbon disequilibrium:  Taka Ito (Georgia Tech), Yohei Takano (Georgia Tech), and Wei-Ching Hsu (Texas A&M)
  • Potential vorticity and stratification in the Southern Ocean:  Taka Ito (Georgia Tech), and Thomas Birner (Colorado State)