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Mr. Dave Connor - Profile

photo of Mr. Dave Connor Information Services Developer

+44 (0)1223 221400

British Antarctic Survey
Madingley Road, High Cross
Cambridge Cambridgeshire CB3 0ET United Kingdom


I'm a web systems developer working with information systems across the scientific and business functions of the British Antarctic Survey. 

I head up the Web & Applications team at BAS. The Web & Applications team are responsible for developing and maintaining web-based systems and applications that support BAS’s outreach activities, administrative and operational functions, as well as provide access to scientific data. We also work closely with other application development groups across BAS including the Mapping and Geographic Information Centre and IT. We also work closely with other centres across NERC to ensure we are sharing what skills and systems we can.

Data Integration

A core focus of the team is providing access to the information stored across a wide breadth of information systems across BAS. This includes access to business systems information and scientific information. At the heart of this is ensuring that information entered into our various information systems is not locked into a black box. We want to unlock this information and ensure that it is usable by a wide variety of applications within BAS. This includes even these staff profiles as they pull information from our internal HR system and integrates with custom entered data!

Software Development Practices

I'm also very interested in providing information and techniques for software development practices across BAS. Our team has worked hard to introduce common software development methodologies and practices to teams across BAS. To that end we’ve been working to open-source much of our work. Our current efforts are on Github British Antarctic Survey - Github We’ll be open-sourcing much more of our work slowly over the next year.

We provide support for getting teams started using Git, SVN and issue tracking workflows.