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Dr. Emma Young - Profile

Research Interests

The development and application of hydrodynamic and transport models for the coastal and shelf seas, including both temperate seas and Southern Ocean region.

The use of these models in interdisciplinary science, for example to investigate the transport of pollutants and nutrients, and the coupling of physical and biological models to the study of the transport and recruitment of marine biota.

The role of variability in the underlying physical oceanography on biological processes, from seasonal cycles, to interannual and decadal variability, and to potential changes associated with a changing climate.


Geneflow in Antarctic fishes: the Role of Oceanogaphy and Life History. NERC-funded AFI project led by Gary Carvalho, Bangor University.

Impacts of Southern Ocean Warming on Marine Connectivity: Integrating Oceanographic Modelling with Molecular Ecology and Developmental Biology. NERC-funded project led by Gary Carvalho, Bangor University.