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Dr. Melody Clark - Profile

Selected Publications 

Morley, Simon;Martin, S.M.;Bates, A.E.;Clark, Melody;Ericson, J.;Lamare, M.;Peck, Lloyd;. 2012 Spatial and temporal variation in the heat tolerance limits of two abundant Southern Ocean invertebrates. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Vieira, Florbela A;Gregório, Silvia F;Ferraresso, Serena;Thorne, Michael;Costa, Rita;Milan, Massimo;Bargelloni, Luca;Clark, Melody;Canario, Adelino VM;Power, Deborah M;. 2011 Skin healing and scale regeneration in fed and unfed sea bream, Sparus auratus. BMC Genomics.

Worland, M. Roger;Grubor-Lajšić, Gordana;Purać, Jelena;Thorne, Michael A.S.;Clark, Melody S.;. 2010 Cryoprotective dehydration: clues from an insect. Lubzens, E..

Lubzens, E.;Cerda, J.;Clark, Melody S.;. eds. 2010 Dormancy and resistance in harsh environments. .

Clark, Melody S;Thorne, Michael A.S.;Vieira, Florbela A.;Cardoso, Joao C.R.;Power, Deborah M.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2010 Insights into shell deposition in the Antarctic bivalve Laternula elliptica: gene discovery in the mantle transcriptome using 454 pyrosequencing. BMC Genomics.

Hoffman, J.I.;Peck, L.S.;Hillyard, G.;Zieritz, A.;Clark, M.S.;. 2010 No evidence for genetic differentiation between Antarctic limpet Nacella concinna morphotypes. Marine Biology.

Peck, Lloyd S.;Morley, Simon A.;Clark, Melody S.;. 2010 Poor acclimation capacities in Antarctic marine ectotherms. Marine Biology.

Clark, Melody S.;Tanguy, A.;Jollivet, D.;Bonhomme, F.;Guinand, B.;Viard, F.;. 2010 Populations and pathways: Genomic approaches to understanding population structure and environmental adaptation. Cock, J.M..

Denekamp, Nadav Y;Thorne, Michael A.S.;Clark, Melody S.;Kube, Michael;Reinhardt, Richard;Lubzens, Esther;. 2009 Discovering genes associated with dormancy in the monogonont rotifer Brachionus plicatilis. BMC Genomics.

Peck, Lloyd S.;Massey, Alison;Thorne, Michael A.S.;Clark, Melody S.;. 2009 Lack of acclimation in Ophionotus victoriae: brittle stars are not fish. Polar Biology.

Clark, Melody S.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2009 Triggers of the HSP70 stress response: environmental responses and laboratory manipulation in an Antarctic marine invertebrate (Nacella concinna). Cell Stress and Chaperones.

Clark, Melody S.;Fraser, Keiron P.P.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2008 Antarctic marine molluscs do have an HSP70 heat shock response. Cell Stress and Chaperones.

Clark, Melody S.;Burns, Gavin;. 2008 Characterisation of the warm acclimated protein gene (wap65) in the Antarctic plunderfish (Harpagifer antarcticus). Mitochondrial DNA.

Clark, Melody S.;Worland, M. Roger;. 2008 How insects survive the cold: molecular mechanisms - a review. Journal of Comparative Physiology B.

Clark, Melody S.;Fraser, Keiron P.P.;Burns, Gavin;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2008 The HSP70 heat shock response in the Antarctic fish Harpagifer antarcticus. Polar Biology.

Clark, Melody S.;Fraser, Keiron P.P.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2008 Lack of an HSP70 heat shock response in two Antarctic marine invertebrates. Polar Biology.

Clark, Melody S.;Geissler, Paul;Waller, Catherine;Fraser, Keiron P.P.;Barnes, David K.A.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2008 Low heat shock thresholds in wild Antarctic intertidal limpets (Nacella concinna). Cell Stress and Chaperones.

Peck, Lloyd S.;Webb, Karen E.;Miller, Andrew;Clark, Melody S.;Hill, Tim;. 2008 Temperature limits to activity, feeding and metabolism in the Antarctic starfish Odontaster validus. Marine Ecology Progress Series.

Clark, Melody S.;Dupont, Samuel;Rossetti, Helen;Burns, Gavin;Thorndyke, Michael C.;Peck, Lloyd S.;. 2007 Delayed arm regeneration in the Antarctic brittlestar Ophionotus victoriae. Aquatic Biology.

Clark, Melody S.;Thorne, Michael A.S.;Purać, Jelena;Grubor-Lajšić, Gordana;Kube, Michael;Reinhardt, Richard;Worland, M. Roger;. 2007 Surviving extreme polar winters by desiccation: clues from Arctic springtail (Onychiurus arcticus) EST libraries. BMC Genomics.

Peck, Lloyd Samuel;Morley, Simon Anthony;Pörtner, Hans-Otto;Clark, Melody Susan;. 2007 Thermal limits of burrowing capacity are linked to oxygen availability and size in the Antarctic clam Laternula elliptica. Oecologia.

Cardoso, Joao C.R.;Pinto, Vanda C.;Vieira, Florbela A.;Clark, Melody S.;Power, Deborah M.;. 2006 Evolution of secretin family GPCR members in the metazoa. BMC Evolutionary Biology.

Peck, Lloyd S.;Clark, Melody S.;Clarke, Andrew;Cockell, Charles S.;Convey, Peter;Detrich, H. William;Fraser, Keiron P.P.;Johnston, Ian A.;Methe, Barbara A.;Murray, Alison E.;Romisch, Karin;Rogers, Alex D.;. 2005 Genomics: applications to Antarctic ecosystems. Polar Biology.