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Prof. Michael Meredith - Profile

  • Professor for Scottish Association for Marine Science
  • Board Member for Alfred-Wegener-Institute SAB
  • Chair for Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Scientific Steering Committee
  • Partner for Partnership for Observations of the Global Ocean (POGO)
  • Co-PI for NSF Palmer Long-Term Ecological (LTER) Programme
  • Fellow for Royal Meteorological Society
  • Member for UK Royal Society National Committee for Antarctic Research
  • Member for SCAR/SCOR Oceanography Experts Group
  • Member for SCAR Action Group on Antarctic Fuel Spills
  • Steering Committee Member for SCAR Scientific Research Programme on Antarctica in the Global Climate System (AGCS)
  • Member for Integrated Framework for Sustained Ocean Observations Task Team (IFSOO-TT)