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Prof. Michael Meredith - Profile

Research Interests

The role of the polar oceans in large-scale climate variability.

Physical forcing of the marine ecosystem, and bio-physical interaction in the Southern Ocean.

Climatic changes in Southern Ocean properties, circulation and fluxes.

Dynamics and variability of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and Southern Ocean overturning.

The use of geochemical tracers in oceanography.

The Arctic Ocean freshwater budget.

Emerging technologies and their use in ocean observing systems.



Current/Recent Collaborations

- Dynamics of the Orkney Passage outflow (DynOPO)

- Diapycnal and Isopyncal Mixing in the Southern Ocean (DIMES)

- Antarctic Deepwater Rates of Export (ANDREX)

- Freshwater Export from the Weddell Gyre: Magnitude, Variability and Impacts (ANDREX-Fresh)

- Arctic Synoptic Basinwide Oceanography (ASBO)

- South Atlantic Variability Experiment (SAVEX)

- Carbon Fluxes in Antarctic Sea-Ice Environments (CASE)

- Geneflow in Antarctic Fishes: the Role of Oceanography and Life History

- Ice-Shelf Oceanography: Transports, Oxygen-18 and Physical Exchanges (ISOTOPE)

- North Scotia Ridge Overflow Project (ShagEx)

- Biogeochemical particle flux study in Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula

- Southern Elephant Seals as Oceanographic Samplers (SEaOS)

- Impacts of Southern Ocean warming on marine connectivity: Integrating oceanographic modelling with molecular ecology and developmental biology