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Dr. Teal Riley - Profile

Selected publications since 1996:

41. RILEY, T.R. & MILLAR, I.L. (2013). Geochemistry of the 1100 Ma intrusions from the Ahlmannryggen region, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. Antarctic Science.

40.HEINONEN, J.S, LUTTINEN, A.V., RILEY, T.R. & MICHALLIK, R.M. (2013). Mixed pyroxenite-peridotite sources for mafic and ultramafic dikes from the Antarctic segment of the Karoo continental flood basalt province. Lithos, 177, 366-380.

39. STOREY, B.C., VAUGHAN, A.P.M. & RILEY, T.R. (2013). The links between large igneous provinces, continental break-up and environmental change: evidence reviewed from Antarctica. Transactions of the Royal Society, Edinburgh.
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