Funding proposals which require logistic support for Antarctic fieldwork are currently considered through NERC responsive mode standard grant schemes, rather than through a separate initiative (Antarctic Funding Initiative). Details of the current application procedure are provided on the Antarctic proposals and fieldwork planning website.

The Antarctic Funding Initiative (AFI) a non-thematic Initiative of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) with logistic support provided by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), commenced in 1999. Funding was awarded annually, on a competitive basis, to support field-based research conducted in the BAS operating area.

The final call for proposals (Round 11) was in 2009, with funding decisions announced the following year.

At the beginning of 2013, sixteen AFI projects were still in receipt of funding, or with funding yet to commence. Sixty-seven individual projects have been funded by AFI, to a total value in excess of 24m.

The Collaborative Gearing Scheme (CGS), which has operated since 2001, continues to offer opportunities for scientific collaboration with BAS, in cases where no grant funding for salaries, capital equipment or other direct science costs is required, but where access to BAS Antarctic facilities and research stations would enable fieldwork to be conducted for the proposed project.

A condition of receiving support by the CGS is that proposed projects must be allied to the BAS science programme and be intended to enhance the outcome of that programme.

Details of the scheme, including the application procedure, are now provided on the Antarctic proposals and fieldwork planning website.