Antarctic Fieldwork Planning: 2014/2015 field season

Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that the following actions are undertaken, to the stated deadlines, in preparation for fieldwork:

Action Deadline
Submit an outline field plan
28th April 2014
Request a map to aid Antarctic fieldwork planning (if required) 31st March 2014
Submit a Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment form 28th April 2014
Check which permits are needed 28th April 2014
Submit Antarctic Permit applications (if required)
23rd May 2014
Discuss arrangements for importing biological samples back to the UK 23rd May 2014
Complete a Polar Science Project Hazard Assessment
and the BAS Chemical Approvals Register request
23rd May 2014
Ensure any equipment is suited for Antarctic operations
23rd May 2014
Discuss shipment of cargo to and from Antarctica
23rd May 2014
Identify fieldwork personnel 30th June 2014
Ensure availability of fieldwork personnel for pre-deployment training 30th June 2014
Twin Otter aircraft at Rothera Research Station, Antarctica