Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA) Form


The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) requires that all individual projects satisfy a Preliminary Environmental Assessment (PEA), prior to commencement of proposed fieldwork. BAS has been granted delegated authority to manage this assessment. Please note, as of March 2014, there is a revised PEA which should be completed and sent to

As part of the assessment of the PEA questionnaires, and to ensure that appropriate mitigating measures are in place, the BAS Environment Office may wish to contact you to discuss the likely impact of your fieldwork on the environment or on future scientific activities. The Environment Office will also advise if you require a permit to undertake your proposed fieldwork. Further information on types of permits can be found on the Antarctic Permits webpage on this site.


The completed form should be sent as an email attachment to the Antarctic Funding Office at BAS (email:, no later than 11th May 2015. The contents will be reviewed by the BAS Environment Office.

Guidance Documents

The following documents provide guidance for minimising impacts in the field.

 ·         SCAR Code of Conduct for Terrestrial Scientific Field Research    

·         SCAR’s Code of Conduct for the Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes in Antarctica 

·         BAS Waste Management Handbook 

·         BAS Biosecurity Handbook