Outline Field Plan


Principal Investigators are responsible for supplying the Antarctic Funding Office at BAS (email: afibas@bas.ac.uk) with an outline field plan, describing the proposed fieldwork objectives and the logistic support needed. The purpose of this is to supplement, with more detailed information, the completed logistics questionnaire that was submitted with the funding proposal to NERC. The outline field plan is especially useful if the project involves working at one or more localities remote from a field station. It should generally be of a length 2-4 sides of A4 (including a map, if relevant) and provide information about the preferred sampling localities; timing of input and uplift of fieldwork personnel; and the nature and quantity of any samples to be collected.

Preparation of the outline field plan may be delegated, but it will be assumed that the Principal Investigator has approved the contents. If possible at this stage, the identities of the intended fieldwork personnel should be provided.

Note that where the requirement is simply for maintenance, by BAS personnel, of instrumentation installed during a previous season, there is no need to provide an outline field plan. This is also the case if the requirement is solely for data download or instrument retrieval by BAS personnel.

Examples of recent outline field plans are listed below:

Example 1

Example 2


22nd April 2014  if fieldwork support is required during the 2014/15 season.