An archive of diaries written by staff at the British Antarctic Survey's Rothera research station.

January 2000 - New Year, New Century

February 2000 - Summer visitors

March 2000 - The end of summer

April 2000 - On our own at the start of winter

May 2000 - Radio darts, cocktails and winter trips

June 2000 - Midwinter, Work and Play

July 2000 - July, the reality of winter

August 2000 - Planning for summer in the cold of winter

September 2000 - A frozen world at the end of winter

October 2000 - The end of winter

November 2000 - Journey to Rothera

December 2000 - Sledge Charlie and how I retired to Bluebell Cottage

The diarists this year have been Pete Milner (Polar Guide) and David Molyneaux (Communications Manager).