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Dataset Entry

Spectral/Engineering - Data Access

Arctic Biosphere-Atmosphere Coupling at multiple Scales (ABACUS) modelling and synthesis
The aim of the modelling WP is to provide the means to extrapolate and scale information to test H7 by determining (1) whether flux tower measurements are consistent with multiple chamber measurements gathered within the footprint; and (2) ...>>
Arctic Biosphere-Atmosphere Coupling at multiple Scales (ABACUS) satellite remote sensing and geostatistics
WP6 will provide spatial observations (with errors) for assimilation into the ecosystem models of WP7. Provision of spatiotemporal data will be key to WP7 and addressing hypotheses H2, H3 and H7. The main types of EO data that will be used ...>>
Biologically relevant spectroradiometer data from Rothera, 1997 onwards
Biologically relevant radiation has been recorded since February 1997 using a Bentham spectroradiometer at Rothera. The Bentham spectroradiometer is sited on the roof of the Bonner Laboratory at Rothera. It measures spectral global irradian...>>
The Antarctic Rothera radar (680S) - Winds, waves, tides and temperature data, mesosphere and lower thermosphere, VHF meteor radar, Rothera, 2005-2007
The radar measured the winds, waves and tides of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere regions of the atmosphere. The radar routinely makes three types of measurement: 1. horizontal winds at heights of ~ 75 - 105 km from the drifting of met...>>