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Plant Database - Help

To find out what records are available for a given species, type the name of the species in the first box. If you want to retrieve records for all species within a genus then just type in the genus name.

The records retrieved will be those which have been determined as the taxon name that you enter or synonyms of that name. Records will show the species name to which the specimen was last determined and, if it is not the same, the latest name for that species.

If you want to restrict the search to a geographic area then select the relevant area from the scrolled list. If you do not select an area then all records in the database are searched. Currently it is only possible to select a single area, so if you want to search for more than one you will have to do several queries.

Continental Antarctica has been split into six geographic sectors defined as follows:

  • Scotia (excluding the Peninsula) 30 - 90° W
  • Maud 30° W - 30° E
  • Enderby 30° - 90° E
  • Wilkes 90° - 150° E
  • Ross 150° W - 150° E
  • Byrd 90° - 150° W

To start the search click on the submit button.

Antarctic Plant Database search form
Glossary of terms used in the database