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Auroral Boundary Data

Auroral oval boundary locations derived from IMAGE FUV images are available to download covering the period from May 2000 until October 2002.

  • Boundaries derived from WIC images
  • Boundaries derived from SI12 images
  • Boundaries derived from SI13 images
These files contain version 1.1 of our auroral boundaries, released in June 2010 (version 1.0, released in April 2010 can be found here). The technique used to obtain these boundaries is outlined here. More details and examples are given in Longden et al., (2010), currently under review. Please read the following notes about the data prior to use.

For more information regarding these auroral boundaries or their use, please contact either Nicola Longden or Gareth Chisham.

Data Usage

When using these auroral boundary data, please acknowledge their source. In particular, when using them in a publication please cite the paper describing the technique used to obtain the boundaries. This paper is currently under review and a link to the publication will be added when available. Please also include the following acknowledgment, 'Auroral boundary data were derived and provided by the British Antarctic Survey based on IMAGE satellite data (http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/bas_research/our_research/az/magnetic_reconnection/auroral_boundary_data.html).'

Data Format

The data in each file are presented as a comma separated list with the following values:



1 Timestamp in UT in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format
IMAGE FUV Instrument Code
3 to 26
Magnetic latitude of equatorward boundary locations in AACGM coordinates
27 to 50
Magnetic latitude of poleward boundary locations in AACGM coordinates
Auroral Oval Boundary Data File Format

The auroral boundary locations are given for 1 hour magnetic local time (MLT) bins in ascending order from 00:30 to 23:30 MLT (ie, starting with the 0 to 1 MLT bin and ending with the 23 to 24 MLT bin).

NaN values indicate missing values or MLT sectors for which the auroral boundary locations could not be made successfully.

The auroral boundary locations are "uncorrected", ie, step 8 of the boundary location technique has not been performed. It is recommended that our suggested correction values be added to the poleward auroral boundaries provided in the data if these boundaries are to be used as a proxy for the open-closed magnetic field line boundary.

The IMAGE FUV instrument codes are as follows:
IMAGE FUV Instrument Codes
1 SI12
2 SI13