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BAS Culture

As you have expressed an interest in applying for a job with the British Antarctic Survey, we thought you might wish to know something about what it is like to work here. We believe it is important for individuals to feel comfortable with the culture of the place in which they work.

It is difficult to capture the atmosphere and ethos of an organisation in words; however we do have a framework that exemplifies the culture to which the British Antarctic Survey aspires. This can be described in the following way:

POSITIVE: Positive attitude, energy, realism, enjoys the work.
RESPONSIBLE: Safety conscious, environmentally friendly, accountable for one’s actions, honourable, ethical, open and fair.
IMAGINATIVE: Creative, flexible, thinking of better ways, constructively challenging, learning from experience, problem solving, entrepreneurial and outward looking.
COOPERATIVE: Open, communicative, caring and loyal to one another, working in the best interests of BAS and science.
EXCELLENT: Professional, efficient and effective, successful and recognised, high quality, applying best practice and developing our people.

These cultural values (often referred to as ‘PRICE’) provide staff with a framework to ensure that there is a common understanding of what is expected of anyone working for the organisation. If you are considering applying to work for the British Antarctic Survey, it is important that you reflect on these values and consider whether you would feel comfortable in this sort of environment. If you are invited to attend an interview, it is likely that you will be asked about your reaction to these values.