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Few organisations have such a rich concentration of people drawn from such varied backgrounds — we have leading scientists, experienced tradespeople, communication specialists, electricians, accountants, chefs, field assistants, web specialists, divers and administrators amongst our team in Cambridge and Antarctica.

The very nature of our organisation demands diversity — and it is embraced by our people. One of the appeals of working here, and especially in the closeness of Antarctica, is the chance to mix with people from many different backgrounds.

Diversity is paramount to our organisation and our success. Here we detail some information from our Equalities & Disability Policy for your information. But if you have any queries about our commitment to diversity, please don’t hesitate to ask.

BAS is an Equal Opportunities Employer

Equality of opportunity is important for BAS as an employer as well as for our staff. If equal opportunity policies are effectively implemented, the rewards can be measured in increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Policy

It is BAS policy that everyone has equal opportunity for employment and advancement within the Council on the basis of their abilities, qualifications and fitness for work. We do not tolerate discrimination against anyone on grounds of sex, race, religious beliefs or sexual orientation; this applies in recruitment, training, promotion and to all aspects of employment within NERC. Nor do we unlawfully discriminate on the basis of disability but prefer to offer each candidate or member of staff the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to carry out the work required.

Our policy aims to ensure that we make full use of the abilities of our entire workforce and that we recruit the most suitably qualified people from all sections of the community.

Disability Discrimination

As part of its commitment to equal opportunities, NERC now operates a Guaranteed Interview Scheme. This scheme means that all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum specified requirements for the post are guaranteed an interview. Although NERC’s policy of always recruiting the best person for the job is not affected by this, this scheme does mean that more people with disabilities will be interviewed and the likelihood of a person with a disability being offered the job may increase accordingly.

Any candidate offered a position to work in Antarctic will undergo a medical examination prior to appointment. Anyone offered a post to work in Antarctic will have to be physically capable and medically fit to work in Antarctic conditions.