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Mags, Management Accountant

An accountant in Antarctica?

Mags:Click for a larger image

“Yes, I’ve had the opportunity to experience Antarctica — and it was really amazing! The overnight camping, skiing, boating, and the ship journey south all open your eyes to a new and unique experience. It’s fantastic that even an accountant can have the opportunity to visit Antarctica“.

Local move

“I used to work for Cambridge City Council, but wanted to move out of the local authority environment and into something new. BAS hasn’t let me down and it really is ‘different’. Now I’m part of a management team that ensures the effective performance of the finance section — so I get involved in not only producing management information but also reviewing our processes and working with the management team to exploit our technology systems.

Possibly the best part of the job has been setting up management accounting procedures from scratch (my post is a new one)”.

Cambridge life?

“Having lived in Cambridge for a number of years now, the city has really grown on me. The architecture makes you feel good about the place, and there are lots of things to do, such as evening classes and going to the arts cinema. My only criticism would be that it can feel a bit small at times”.

The final word

“If there was one thing I would say to anyone to join, it would be that they have a chance to make a difference. Now how many places can you really say that?”