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Is Antarctic Life for you?

Try the BAS Challenge Quiz

Working at BAS is not a routine ‘job’. The scientific research is world-leading; the engineering and technical challenges are immense; and ultimately you could be working in an environment where resilience and teamwork can be a matter of life and death.

Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition became more famous for the disasters, dangers and setbacks he overcame than for any scientific advances. It was under Shackleton’s leadership that his colleagues used and developed skills very different from those that had seemed important at the outset.

Since then, the challenges of the Antarctic have not diminished; although some of the equipment, clothing and methods we use are much more advanced. So if you have the scientific, professional or technical skills and experience required, would you be excited or daunted by the prospect?

Since the scientific success of BAS depends on the collaboration of everyone, it’s normally a question of all hands to the pump — from sorting out a problem in Cambridge to helping Chef in the base kitchen in Antarctica.

We provide comprehensive induction training, briefings and preparation for work in the Antarctic and Cambridge, but only you can decide whether the challenging world of BAS is right for you. Work through the BAS Challenge Quiz. Hopefully it will illustrate some of the scenarios you may encounter and give you an insight into some of the challenges. It’s by no means exclusive; but it may help you to decide whether you’re cut out for the job.

(The quiz will open in a new window — and requires that you have javascript enabled.)

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