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Job Vacancy - Field Assistant

Please quote ref no: BAS 19/14
Closing date for applications: 20 Apr 2014 at 11:59pm

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Characteristics Essential Requirements
Desirable Requirements
Importance rating in parenthesis (1 is high, 5 is low)
Communication skillsa) oral skillsb) written skills
* Effective communications to team and base (sometimes remotely eg over HF Radio).
* Outdoor skills teaching Experience. (2)
Computer / IT skills
* Basic knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet use. (3)
Decision Making
* Ability to make decisions work in a team environment as well as autonomous decision making.
Interpersonal skills
* One to one, as well as strong team working.
Other Factors
* Physically capable & medically fit to work in Antarctic conditions.
* Mountain Instructors Award. (2)
* Mountain Instructors certification. (2)
Resource Management ability
* Problem solving ability.
* High level of competence with attention to detail.
Skills / Experience
* Broad experience in mountain settings.
* Proficient mountain technical skills.
* High level of mountain awareness.
* Participation in expeditions and Alpine glacier experience. (2)

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