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Andy Tait

Andy started with BAS in 1988 on a two and a half year contract as a meteorologist at the Antarctic base Halley. Before joining BAS he served for 5 years as a marine engineering officer with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary . He then obtained a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Leicester University in 1988.

Andy Tait - Andy Tait
Since his return to BAS in 1989 he joined the mechanical section as a Mechanical Design Engineer. He has been involved in many varied projects over the years, such as the long piston corer, UV-visible spectrometer, Ice core drill, squid Jigger. In addition to the design work, he has been involved in many of the Geoscience marine programmes, providing mechanical support to the deployment, running and maintenance of scientific equipment.

To contact Andy please email amta@bas.ac.uk