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A list of the Global Positioning System (GPS) units that are available on the James Clarke Ross. A brief specification is available as a downloadable pdf file. For further information please contact a member of the AME Team.   

Instrument Description Specification
DGPS Ashtech ADU5 A differential GPS receiver using Navstar satellites. Used only for scientific purposes - highly accurate.

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DGPS Ashtech GG24 (Glonass) GPS receiver using Navstar and Glonass satellites usually operated in differential mode.

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Furuno GP32

GPS receiver primarily for STCM use.

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Among the GPS  units mentioned above , the following systems are also used. Please check with the AME for the availability and specifications. GPS receiver output strings can be patched to different destinations according to requirements.

GPS Seatex - multi-beam GPS SCS logged

Navigational GPS (Leica) not logged.