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James Fox

Jim joined AME in 2001. Straight from university, he started with BAS in 1997 on a 33 month wintering contract at Halley base as an upper atmospherics electronics engineer. His tasks included the maintenance of a digital ionospheric radar (the antennae masts of which are the highest man-made structures in Antarctica), optical instruments, field maintenance and the trialing of a wind generator for remote instruments. In his second year, Jim was promoted to Winter base commander to share with his duties as engineer. After returning to the UK, further work was performed with BAS physical sciences department on the low power, remote magnetometer logger project.

Jim Fox

Suffering Antarctic withdrawal symptoms, he then went south to work as the project assistant at the old British base of Port Lockroy on the Peninsula for an austral Summer where, amongst other things, he was the post master. As well as sailing across the equator twice, Jim has been lucky enough to visit all the operational BAS bases. Starting his electronics career with an MEng at Southampton University, he spent much of his vacation time working at the quality hi-fi designer, Naim Audio. His strong interest in natural history saw him as the support engineer on an entomological expedition to Belize in 1997.

To contact James please email jwf@bas.ac.uk