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Posters by AME staff

Posters are created for conferences, technical seminars and other meetings. The purpose is to give a broad outline of the project and/or technology involved.

Please click a picture to load a PDF version of the poster.


remote_camera_project - remote_camera_project

Remote Digital Camera by Jim Fox & Andy Tait

worlandcamera - worland camera

Monitoring Snow Depth and Cover at Remote Sites by Dr Worland, J Fox & A Tait

CASLab PosterCASLab by E Wolf, A Jones, S Bauquitte & A Tait


chemanal PosterChemical Auto Analyser Data Acquisition by Mark Preston
RRS James Clark Ross GPS distributionRRS James Clark Ross GPS Distribution by M Preston RRS James Clark Ross Data NetworkRRS James Clark Ross Data Network by Terry Baker & Chris Hill

Low Powered RadiometersLow Powered Radiometers by Mike Rose, Pat Esp & A Tait

Micro and Molecular Laboratories ContainersisedMicro and Molecular Laboratories Containerised Science at Rothera by S Bremner & Peter Convey
Halley V Monitoring SystemHalley V Platform Monitoring System by M Preston & Tim Harris Geo-LocatorGeo-Locator / Activity Recorder by  V Afanasayev, A Tait  & Neil Audley
Tracking Barnacle GeeseTracking Stopovers of Russian Barnacle Geese by the Universities of Groningen &  Oldenburg & BAS Low-Cost 2.5g Bird LoggerLow cost 2.5g Logger for Tracking birds for Long Periods by V Afanasyev & J Fox
Versatile Iridium Campbell LinkVersatile Iridium Campbell Link by J Fox