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Thermosalinograph (TSG) & Fluorometer Air Trap


The Oceanlogger situated in the JCR UIC room monitors several physical parameters including Salinity and Fluorescence. The Thermosalinograph (TSG) and Fluorometer are located in the prep lab, lower deck.

Seawater is pumped from below and supplied to the labs via ABS piping. Each lab supply has at least one valve to regulate the flow.

However the actual flow rate can change according to the pump characteristics, ship speed etc. A major problem is that air can enter the supply and cause noisy/innacurate readings to be obtained from the connected instrumentation.

 Thermosalinograph (TSG)

The picture shows the overall layout, Fluorometer on left, TSG on right.


Further Reading

For a full detailed specification and instructions on use, please follow the pdf link at the top of the page.