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RRS James Clark Ross Research Ship Webcam

The webcam on the RRS James Clark Ross is situated on the Bridge, Port side, and is looking forward. The Radio Officer will usually add a small blurb containing information about where the ship is and what it is doing. This is a particularly interesting webcam as, when not on long sea passages, the scenery changes regularly. Spectacular sunrises/sunsets, stunning Antarctic vistas and the occasional Southern Ocean storm can all be seen from this camera! The update period is every fifteen minutes, with one image being archived every hour. For the most recent, full size image, click here.

December 10, 2012 at 20:02


The RRS James Clark Ross is alongside at Orskov Yard, Frederikshavn, Denmark for refit.

For the full size webcam picture, which is updated every fifteen minutes, click HERE (this will open a new window).

Ship's Track   Updated from the hourly pressure observations from an automated sensor.


Images on December 10, 2012

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05:00:55 06:00:45 07:00:38 08:00:39 09:01:06 
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15:01:55 16:01:08 17:01:52 18:01:18 19:01:40 
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