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Halley Diary — September 2003

Spring by Robert Shortman, Base Plumber

Hello to all!

This month has been the start of the post winter trips so everybody is getting ready to get away from base and spend ten day camping in the field and exploring, the second of these trips has just left.

Sno-cat after the weather we've had lately
Sno-cat after the weather we've had lately

The base had quite a bit of work done this month with Pat Mc Goldrick, our base commander/winter carpenter, building for all the storage areas, me (Robert Shortman, winter plumber, installing the washing machines and dryers in their new stack position of the improved laundry layout and Alan Thomas, the base electrician, wiring everything up.

The revamped stores/laundry stacks  The revamped stores/laundry stacks  The revamped stores/laundry stacks

There have been two birthdays this month with Mark Stewart on the 3rd of September and me on the 10th of September.

I decide to have an Austrian meal for my birthday, which was lovingly prepared by the chef Craig Nicholson.

Rob's birthday meal
My birthday dinner

Rob's birthday dinner
The table

Me with my birthday cake
Me with my birthday cake

The main party event this month was stars in your eyes night, where everybody came as their favourite star. There was a great turn out with nine people taking part in the dressing up. Here is a list of what they were dressed as:

Robert-snoop dogg, Tommo-Jake, blues brother 1, Graeme-Elwood, blues brother 2, Mark M-Eminem, Elaine-Madonna, Annette-Sporty Spice, Toddy-Clint Eastwood, Pat-Bruce Lee, Gavin-The Northern Hemisphere

most of the gang
Most of the stars

Elwood and Jake dancing
Elwood and Jake dancing

Elwood and Jake
Elwood and Jake

We also had a barbeque at the start of the month, the second one this winter.

me and the bbq
Me and the bbq

Tommo and the bbq

Although it was only August when we first saw the sun, we're already running out of darkness. For those of us heading north it's our last chance to see auroras. With the Spring also the Emperor penguin chicks have hatched down at the coast. Gavin and Annette went down there for the weekend a couple of weeks ago; to see pictures of them click here or on the picture below.

Emperor penguins and chicks
Emperor Penguins and chick

the sun in the north looking down the container line
Sun in the north looking down the container line

And to finish off....

A big Hello to Mum and dad, Tim, Luke, Amy and all my friends.

And not forgetting happy birthday Katie lots of Love Daddy xxx

Handing the monthly baton over to Craig for next month's web page.