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King Edward Point Diary — March 2002

End of Summer approaches

King Edward Point Diary

The picture below shows the Science team with their big catch - Judith, Therese and Simon holding Patagonian toothfish just over 1m in length. These fish are commercially fished in South Georgian waters and producing viable conservation measures for the toothfish fishery is one of the main aims for the team at King Edward Point. This is the first recorded catch of toothfish in shallow waters (200m) in Cumberland East Bay. A great cause of excitement for everyone on base - especially as the fillets taste so good (and even better as we don't have to pay the shop price of £18/kg)!!

Judith and Therese holding Patagonian Toothfish - Click to enlarge Simon holding a Patagonian Toothfish - Click to enlarge

Demonstrating the use of a vacuum splint - Click to enlarge

Gareth our Doctor has been running a weekly medical school. Familiarisation with the all our medical equipment (vacuum splints in this picture) is being shown to all base members. Practise rescue scenarios including boat rescue are not only good fun but also important learning processes in this isolated environment.

A young elephant seal playing in the water just in front of the boat shed. At this time of year they are busy moulting - lying in muddy wallows several seals high that are very smelly!

Elephant Seal pup playing in the water - Click to enlarge

View of the station - Click to enlarge

View of the BAS station from Shackleton's memorial. Mount Hodges is in the background above Grytviken whaling station. A sudden snowy spell turned our world into a white playground - the slopes are open once more. Early for the time of year the 1ft of snow covering meant it was out with the telemark skis and sledges. Once again we could ski from the front door, but unfortunately it didn't last for more than 10 days so it was back to carrying the skis on our packs till we reach snow higher up. There is a chill in the air though so winter is definitely on its way.

Base end of summer photo (* denotes Winterers)

Left to right standing: Andy S*, Terry, Will*, John, Pat, Sarah, Andy C*
Left to right on picnic table: Gareth*, Jenny, Steve*, Jude*
Left to right on ground: Simon*, Therese*

End of summer photo - Click to enlarge