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King Edward Point Diary — June 2002

Midwinter Celebrations

King Edward Point Diary

This month's web page is mainly dedicated to our midwinter festivities held here over the week around midwinter's day. There was a whole host of different activities including; cheesy bingo, a fancy dress pub-crawl with the theme "red", a pub quiz, a treasure hunt, and the South Georgia Winter Olympics which was won by team South Georgia! The big day itself - the 21st - started with a fishing vessel in for inspection and her license, once this was dealt with it was on with the festivities. A dip in the sea followed very, very quickly by a sauna and mulled wine was first on the agenda, then all hands in the kitchen before eventually sitting down for an 8-course meal.

After this midwinter presents were exchanged and midwinter radio messages from folks back home on the BBC world service.Also this month we celebrated the Queen's Golden Jubilee, which coincided nicely with Will Gilchrist's, our outgoing boatman's leaving party. As soon as the midwinter celebrations had finished Cumberland bay and King Edward cove turned into a busy fishing port with fishing boats coming in and out to trans-ship their catches, which has meant lots and lots of samples for our Science team.

The images below show some of what we have been up to over the last month. Click on the images to enlarge them.

The Red Gang - Click to enlarge Steve's Snowhole Pub - Click to enlarge
Inside the snowhole - Click to enlarge

Above: Midwinter "pubcrawl" - top left: the Red Gang. Top right: Steve's snowhole pub. Bottom: Andy C, Gareth and Simon inside Snowy's.

Steve the Bingo Caller - Click to enlarge First back from the Treasure Hunt - Click to enlarge
Treasure Hunt winners - Click to enlarge

Above: Top left: St.John, otherwise known as Steve, excels as the bingo caller. Top right: Smug Andy's after coming home first after the treasure hunt. Bottom: The actual winners, a very surprised Sarah and Will.

Midwinter Swim - Click to enlarge Midwinter Dinner - Click to enlarge
Captain Nemo - Click to enlarge Midwinter Presents - Click to enlarge

Above: Top left: Midwinter's day swim took all of 6 seconds. Top right: Much more sensible and warmer dinner. Bottom left: Evening's entertainment with Steve (and Jude's arms) as Capt. Nemo. Bottom right: Artistic license gone mad with midwinter pressies.

Midwinter Olympics - Click to enlarge Three-legged snowshoe race - Click to enlarge
Javelin (ski pole) - Click to enlarge

Above: KEP Winter Olympics 2002 - Top left: The Pulk-Off. Top right: The Three-Legged Snowshoe. Bottom: Jude showing how the ski-pole (javelin) event should be done.

Will surfing - Click to enlarge Crabeater seal - Click to enlarge

Above: Apart from midwinter festivities life continued as normal! Left: Will surfing. Right: A rare visit from a crabeater seal.

Removing fish from nets - Click to enlarge
Jubilee Celebrations - Click to enlarge Jubilee Celebrations - Click to enlarge

Above: Top: Jubilee celebrations whilst removing fish from nets. Bottom: Jude and Will (left) and Pat (right - the dodgy neighbour) get in the swing of things.

Ship in the bay - Click to enlarge
Gareth and patients - Click to enlarge Jude and Therese onboard Quest - Click to enlarge

Above: Back to work.... Top: Ships in the bay. Bottom left: Gareth kept busy as doc with a massive 7 patients from fishing vessels. Bottom right: Jude and Therese onboard Quest.