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If you are a scientist working in the field it is more than likely you will need maps. Maps of how to get to where you are working and maps to tell you about the area you are working in. In the UK we take the availability of maps for granted - if you need a new map you go out and buy one. However, in the Antarctic, things are not so easy. Often one of the first things that must be done when starting a science project is to produce the map or to bring an existing map up to date. This is the role of the BAS Mapping and Geographic Information Centre (MAGIC).

Every other austral summer, the MAGIC team undertakes fieldwork in Antarctica. In the 2002-2003 Antarctic field season Adrian Fox and Alison Cook had a full programme of aerial photography and global positioning system field surveying. Their progress has been documented in the diary entries below:

November - December 2002

January 2003

February 2003