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Fire Training

Fire Training
By Fin O'Sullivan

As well as running a power station and sewage plant, all the wintererís have to be the fire brigade, as there is no one coming when we dial 999. So on a beautiful sunny day we had to do our fire training. As well as being taught how to use the breathing apparatus (by Andy Porte) we also got a great chance to play with fire. Andy Richardson expertly demonstrated to us feeble minded no technical people how to use a fire extinguisher.

Ably helped by Paul Booth, they set up numerous flammable containers on North beach and we had ample opportunity to practice putting them out.

Dan in action - Click to enlarge Dan in action - Click to enlarge

Some of the fire fighters were so effective that it improved impossible to relight the fires so we all felt very safe.

Paul lighiting up - Click to enlarge Paul lighting up - Click to enlarge