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September 02 - Norway or bust

Date: Sunday 02nd September 2007

Position @ 1200 Local (GMT): 56°16.5 North, 003°23.68 East. Alongside the Valhall Platform. Norwegian Sector
Next destination: Immingham, UK
ETA: Friday 14th September 2007
Distance to go: 0.0 nmiles.
Distance This North Sea Season : Undetermined

Current weather: Overcast, Miserable, Raining and Misty
Sea State: Heavy Seas, Large Swell
Wind: Northerly, 16 Knots.
Barometric pressure: 1005.8 Hpa
Air temperature: +12.9°C
Sea temperature: +15.0°C

Position map

Up to date position information is available courtesy of ‘sailwx/info’ taken from our Metrological Observations.


ånd welcøme båck tø ånøther week øf fun in the Nørth Seå. But nøt entirely. Ålthøugh, this week we håve spent the måjørity øf øur time åløngside the Vålhåll Plåtførm in the Nørwegiån Sectør, we ålsø gøt tø gø åløngside in the løvely pørt øf Dusåvik, in Nørwåy !

NØRWAY .. ør bust.

It was our regular 2-weekly crew change for the Charter Personnel and as a welcome break to 4 weeks constantly at sea, the vessel headed for the Norwegian Port of Dusavik very near to Stavanger. If you will remember, this was the Port Call that was cancelled last month in favour of Aberdeen.

Approaching the Norwegian Fjords Approaching the Norwegian Fjords in the early morning light.

Having ceased operations in the Oilfields at 1300 hours on the Wednesday 29th, we had a 17 hour steam to the Fjords. Dusavik is small Oil Industry Port just north of Stavanger on the Byfjorden.

Dusavik map
Click to Zoom in to Dusavik.

It was a beautiful morning when we finally hove into view of the quay where we would spend the day. The skies were blue, the wind was calm and all was well with the world. The only down-side was that with only a 6-hour port call very few of us managed to get shoreside to appreciate the place. The 2nd Officer Chris was lucky enough to get a jog around the area before returning to the ship for lunch and the start of his shift, but most personnel had to work throughout.

Port of Dusavik Port of Dusavik
Shots of the Port of Dusavik - Looking rearward on the Portside and Forward on the Portside too.

Alongside with others in the Dusavik Basin
Alongside with others in the Dusavik Basin.

Departing in the late afternoon, and escorted out by the regular ferry services that ply the waters to and from Norway.

Ferry to Newcastle
This one is heading for Newcastle.

The most striking thing about the Port at Dusavik was how beautiful and clean it is. Although a port for the Norwegian Offshore Industry, you cannot disguise the greenery and cleanliness that surrounds the place. Without wishing to depreciate the likes of Aberdeen or Peterhead, but there really is no comparison ! We found it amusing to see that offices off the Port Bow with their very own jetties out front. Businessmen can avoid the 'morning rush' by sailing to work ! How cool is that ?

By 1530 hours that afternoon, all joining crewmembers were onboard and briefed by Micky Quinn the Purser in the emergency measures onboard the RRS Ernest Shackleton, and the Pilot was onboard and ready to sail. The Master moved us out into the channel and back into Byfjorden bound once again for the Oilfields of the Norwegian Sector.

'The Vessel Now Arriving At Platform Valhall, is the 15.30 from Dusavik ...'

And so we are back on location. It was a pleasant overnight steam out of Norway back into the North Sea with a brisk Nor'Westerly breeze getting up as we got into the open sea. By the time we arrived back on location the following morning we had seen the best of the weather go by. It started getting blustier and blustier and here we are at the weekend 'waiting on weather'. That is where the weather conditions are such that they prevent the ROV's going over the side and working alongside the platform. So we have pulled away to a good distance which allows our webcam to view something other than sea, sea and more North Sea !

Forthcoming Events: Wait for an improvement in the Weather Conditions so that we can resume work alongside the Valhall Platform.

Contributions This Week : No submissions this week. Where is 'Ralph' when we need him ?

North Sea Diary No.7 should be produced on Sunday 9th September - operations permitting. To be Published on Monday 10th.

Stevie B
Radio Officer